2007 WNBA season

The 2007 season was the eleventh regular season of the Women's National Basketball Association ( WNBA). The regular season began on May 19, 2007 and ended on 19 August 2007. Four days later, launched the WNBA playoffs, which ended on 16 September 2007, the WNBA Finals and the victory of the Phoenix Mercury.

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  • On 3 January 2007, the Charlotte Sting were dissolved. According to the owners why were the few spectators, and thus the low income.
  • The WNBA Draft was held in Cleveland, Ohio on April 4. As a first pick, the Phoenix Mercury subjected Lindsey Harding of Duke University. The point guard from Duke University was transferred shortly thereafter to the Minnesota Lynx for Tangela Smith.
  • The regular season began on May 19, 2007 with the match between the reigning champions, the Detroit Shock and the runner-up, the Sacramento Monarchs. The regular season ended on August 19. Lauren Jackson has been doing for Most Valuable Player and Dan Hughes elected coach of the season
  • The WNBA championship won for the first time the Phoenix Mercury, the Detroit Shock defeated in the final series 3-2. Mercury guard Cappie Pondexter was named Finals MVP.
  • The 8th WNBA All-Star Game on 15 July 2007 at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC instead, could decide the All Stars with 103-99 against the Western All Stars for the Eastern. Detroit Shock Center, Cheryl Ford was named the MVP of the game here.


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On 3 January 2007, the owner of the Charlotte Sting announced that they no longer wanted the team fund. The WNBA was no owner for the team, so the players could be drafted on 8 January in a Dispersal Draft by the other teams in the league.

The eleventh WNBA Draft was held on April 4, 2007 Renaissance instead Hotels in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. On 26 October 2006, the order of selection was determined in a lottery. This won the Phoenix Mercury in front of the San Antonio Silver Stars and Chicago Sky.

As a first pick, the Mercury moved the U.S. Lindsey Harding. After San Antonio selected in second place Jessica Davenport, followed by Armintie Price in third place. Overall, the 13 franchises secured the rights to 39 players. The lion's share with over three quarters of all players presented the United States.

Top 5 picks

Abbreviations: Pos = Position G = Guard, F = Forward, C = Center

Regular Season

Statements Tables

Note: GP = Games, W = Wins, L = Losses

Notes: = playoff qualification, = Conference Winner

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

All-Star Game in 2007

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The 8th All-Star Game WNBA was on 13 July 2007 in the Verizon Center in Washington, DC discharged. The League leadership awarded in January the game to the Washington Mystics, who had already in 2002 hosts. As occurred in the past few years while at a selection of the best players in the Eastern Conference against a team in the Western Conference.

  • # 55 Brewton
  • # 9 Brooks - Clauser
  • # 7 Stevens


Playoff Tree

Conference Semifinals ( Round 1 )

Eastern Conference

The really unique from the paper forth duel between the Detroit Shock and New York Liberty developed into a competitive series that failed only in the decisive third game in favor of the Shock. In the first game it was the same as a big surprise, the Liberty won the first encounter with clear 73-51 points during the game and had even a 18-0 run. The disappointment at the shock was very great, especially because Detroit had lost in the regular season game with a no residue on 10 points. The second game could decide the Shock with just 76-73 for itself. In the third and deciding game, the Shock were nervous and made ​​up only 23 points at halftime and were 10 points behind the Liberty. But the Shock recovered in the course of the game and were able to save the game into overtime. Two minutes before the end of the first extension of the Liberty were indeed five points ahead, but the Shock showed that precise moment their whole class and turned the game even more to offer.

A hard-fought and close series, the Indiana Fever and Connecticut Sun delivered. The Fever finished the regular season although better than the Sun, but the Sun won all four meetings with the Fever in the regular season. The first game of this series were the Sun, despite a 17 point lead in the third quarter, winning only in the third extension with 93-88. This was the first game in the history of the WNBA, that could only be decided in the third extension. The Fever used their home advantage in the second game of this series and won this clear with 78-59. In the last and decisive game, the Sun could go into an early lead and built this even during game play to 22 points from. But the fever did not give up and fought back and won the game in overtime with 93-88. Thus, the Sun since the resettlement eliminated from the first time back in the Conference Semifinals.

Western Conference

The Seattle Storm are no longer collected since winning the WNBA Championship in 2004 in the Conference Final, this year they did not make the hurdle Conference Semifinals. This time they failed relatively unique to the Phoenix Mercury both games clearly dominated both games and had actually already won at halftime. Also a strong performance from Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird in the last game was not enough to bring the Mercury in distress. Cappie Pondexter and Diana Taurasi scored in both games at least 20 points. In the second game made ​​even six players in the Mercury at least 10 points.

The San Antonio Silver Stars have qualified for the playoffs, where they met with the Sacramento Monarchs since the resettlement for the first time. Both teams were able to decide their first home game clearly for itself. The third and deciding game was only decided in the last second. 24 seconds before the end resembled Kara Lawson with a jump shot from on 78-78. At the last moment of the game Becky Hammon passed the ball to Vicki Johnson decided with a layup shot the game and the series for the Silver Stars.

Conference Finals ( Round 2)

Eastern Conference

The Detroit Shock had in the conference finals against the Indiana Fever over the entire distance to go to the series to decide for themselves. After Detroit had lost the opening game in Indianapolis, they won clear the following two games. The Shock had in the first game big problems with Tammy Sutton- Brown, who led by their strong defensive performance ( 6 blocks ) in the Fever to a 75-65 victory. The Shock were as in the Conference Semifinals before from, but in the second game of the series played the Shock on quite large and had a 21-2 in the first half and a 27-7 run in the second half. The Shock eventually won this game with 77-63 clear. Outstanding player in the second game was Deanna Nolan with 24 points. The third game was long balanced, but compensated as Indiana Fever All-Star Tamika Catchings in the second quarter at 30-30, she was injured in this litter on the Achilles tendon and could not play on. Without Catchings of the Fever lacked their main offensive power. The Shock thus had no trouble the game and the series to decide for themselves.

Western Conference

The San Antonio Silver Stars were for the first time since their relocation to the Western Conference Finals, where they were beaten just under the Phoenix Mercury in two thrilling games. In the first game, the Mercury led 100-96 with 21 seconds before the end, an unfavorable foul by Taurasi brought the Silver Stars three free throws. Shanna Crossley hit all three free throws. After Taurasi also lost the ball managed the Silver Stars two seconds before end by a 3- point shot by Becky Hammon nor the compensation. However, Crossley still committed an unnecessary foul on Pondexter who recovered both free throws. In the last two seconds Crossley tried in vain their mistake with a 3- points to make throw away from the center line well again. The second game of the series was the Mercury barely decide for themselves. 2:26 minutes before the end, it was 84-84, and finally made ​​the Silver Stars too many unforced errors, so that the Mercury could decide at the end of the game for themselves. Strongest player was probably Cappie Pondexter with 33 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists.

Finals ( Round 3 )

Finals MVP Cappie Pondexter and Diana Taurasi led the Mercury to their first WNBA title. Pondexter scored in the Finals average 22 points and 5.6 assists per game against the defending champion Detroit. Phoenix and Detroit each won one home and away game. Thus, there was an all- decisive fifth game in Detroit, which won with Phoenix 108-92. Thus, the Mercury, the first team that could win a championship in an away game.

Game 1

  • # 22 Courteau
  • # 38 Simpson
  • # 55 Brewton

The Detroit Shock able to win the first game of this series against the Phoenix Mercury for fast playing and even though they had to do without All-Star MVP Cheryl Ford. The great strength of the shock in this game were above all their substitutes. While the substitute of Mercury obtained a total of 12 points, scored the substitutes of the Shock Plenette Pierson and Kara Braxton been together 45 points and 22 rebounds. Another strength of the shock was the rebound game. The shock came on 48 rebounds in this game, the Mercury scored only 30 points and Penny Taylor 32 Cappie Pondexter 27 for the Mercury, who had to relinquish much of the game on All-Star Diana Taurasi, since in too many fouls this game committed. Taurasi was never really into the game and came at the end only ten points in the first half Taurasi could even use no litter. Nine of their ten points they scored at the beginning of the third quarter.

Game 2

  • # 30 Mattingly
  • # 18 Walker
  • # 39 Price

Diana Taurasi led by weak performance in the first game of this series, the Phoenix Mercury to a clear victory over the Detroit Shock. Unlike the first game of the series, she committed a few fouls and made ​​the most of their throws, including seven litters from 3-point range. At the end of the game came Taurasi on 30 points, eight rebounds and three assists. Also Shock -Star Cheryl Ford, who returned to the team after their injury, Taurasi and the Mercury could not stop. Since the Mercury had after three quarters already the game as good as decided, Corey Gaines spared his star players and sat almost only substitutes one. Also Shock coach Bill Laimbeer spared with Cheryl Ford one of his star players.

Game 3

  • # 10 Trammell
  • # 8 Humphrey
  • # 11 Napier

The Detroit Shock took a 3- point shot from the strong playing Deanna Nolan after 2:33 minutes the lead in this game and defended them until the end of the game. Nolan and Katie Smith hit from almost anywhere on the field for the Shock, while the Mercury only 34.7 % of their litters met, especially Cappie Pondexter, the only hit 5 of 15 litters. Shortly before the end of the Mercury fought again almost to the Shock approach, however, turned 1:53 minutes left Nolan again a 3- point shot and in the last moments in the game that she met all free throws and thus secured the win in the Shock third game of this series.

Game 4

  • # 22 Courteau
  • # 38 Simpson
  • # 18 Walker

This game was probably the most exciting game knappeste and the entire series. There were 14 lead changes and seven times it was even a draw. The Shock were by the strong performance of its substitutes ( above all by Plenette Pierson ) over the entire game generate pressure on the Mercury. But Cappie Pondexter and Diana Taurasi kept the Mercury in the game. Together they scored 46 of 77 points on the Mercury. Very exciting was the match in the final minutes. Pondexter brought the Mercury 45 seconds before the end of a jump shot with 75-74 lead, but 34 seconds before the final whistle brought Deanna Nolan with the Shock 76-75 lead. For 13 seconds, the Shock WNBA champions, were then brought Pondexter, the Mercury once again by a jump shot lead. Although the Shock still had the chance the game and thus the series to decide for themselves, but Shannon Johnson was with the final siren not use her litter attempt.

Game 5

  • # 10 Trammell
  • # 39 Price
  • # 11 Napier

In the decisive game of this series, the Mercury dominated over throughout the game. The Mercury went to 31 seconds in the lead and gave it no longer from about the entire game. Detroit had to stop major problems the quick game of Mercury above all in the first quarter. The 22,076 spectators were not able to whip one back to the Mercury, the Shock. Strongest player of the match was Cappie Pondexter led the Mercury with 26 points and 10 assits with a double-double for their first championship. At the end of the game Cappie Pondexter was named Finals MVP. The Mercury are the first team that could win a WNBA Championship in an away game.

WNBA champion team

Guards: Jennifer Derevjanik, Kelly Miller, Kelly Mazzante, Cappie Pondexter

Forwards: Jennifer Lacy, Diana Taurasi, Penny Taylor -Gil

Forward - center Kelly Schumacher, Tangela Smith

Center: Olympia Scott

Head Coach Corey Gaines General Manager Ann Meyers

WNBA awards and award trophies

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