2008–09 AHL season

The 2008/09 season was the 73rd regular season of the American Hockey League ( AHL ). The regular season began on 1 October 2008 and ran until April 12, 2009. During this time, the 29 teams played 80 matches each. Each of the eight best teams in the Eastern Conference and Western Conference will then play in a play-off round to the Calder Cup.

The 22 AHL All- Star Classic was held on January 26, 2009 in Worcester, Massachusetts place in DCU Center. In the game a Canadian All-Star team came against the team PlanetUSA consisting of U.S. and international players at.

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Team changes

The following changes were made before the start of the season:

  • The Iowa Stars from Des Moines, Iowa have been renamed and now take under the name Iowa Chops of the game operation of the Western Conference in part.

Regular Season

Statements Tables

Note: GP = Games, W = Wins, L = Losses, OTL = Overtime after defeat, SOL = Shootout defeat after defeat, GF = Goals Scored, GA = Goals against, Pts = Points Notes: In parentheses is the placement within the Conference; = Playoff Qualification = Division Winner, = Conference Winner

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

Best Scorer

Note: GP = Games, B = Goals, A = Assists, Pts = Points, / - = Plus / Minus, PIM = penalty minutes; Fat: Saisonbestwert

Calder Cup Playoffs


For the playoffs qualify in the Eastern Conference each of the four best teams in the Atlantic Division and the East Division. In the Western Conference, the distribution of the playoff places works differently because the West Division is staffed by a team stronger than the North Division. Qualified are the four best teams in the West Division and the three best teams in the North Division. The eighth playoff spot in the Western Conference will receive either the fourth-placed team in the North Division and the fifth-placed team in the West Division. Those of the two teams with the most points is qualified.

In the first two rounds of each division plays from their own winner, before the winner of the Conferences will be played in the Conference semifinals, meeting in the Calder Cup Finals each other. The team located on the seedings highest ever hits the lowest set. The participant who will be either the third-placed the North Division, or the fifth-placed West Division, it occupies the last place in the seedings in the North Division. All series of each round will be played in best- of-seven - mode, which means that a team four wins needed to reach the next round. The higher placed team with the first two games venue, the next two the opposing team. If by then no winners have emerged from the round, the venue of the game will change to match. Thus, the higher placed team in Game 1, 2, 5 and 7, ie four of a maximum of seven games, a home advantage.

In games that remain undecided 60 minutes of regular time, overtime, the follows, which is played in contrast to the regular season with five field players. The third continue to take 20 minutes and it is played for so long until a team scores the first goal.

Playoff Tree

Calder Cup winner

Goalkeepers: Daren Machesney, Michal Neuvirth

Defender: Karl Alzner, Greg Amadio, Dean Arsene, John Carlson, Sean Collins, Bryan Helmer, Staffan Kronwall, Sami Lepisto, Grant McNeill Patrick McNeill, Tyler Sloan

Attacker: Keith Aucoin, Jay Beagle, Francois Bouchard, Chris Bourque, Kip Brennan, Alexandre Giroux, Andrew Gordon, Andrew Joudrey, Quintin Laing, Graham Mink, Oskar Osala, Mathieu Perreault, Steve Pinizzotto, Darren Reid, Kyle Wilson

Head Coach: Bob Woods general manager Doug Yingst

Contract Trophies

Team Trophies

Individual trophies

Pictures of 2008–09 AHL season