2008 Tour de France, Stage 1 to Stage 11#Stage 3

The third stage of the Tour de France 2008 on July 7, was 208 km long and took the riders from Brittany Saint-Malo to Nantes. There were only three intermediate sprints on the program, climbs it was not on the part of the day.

Shortly after the launch, a group of four was able to pull from the field, which consisted of Romain Feillu, Samuel Dumoulin, Paolo Longo Borghini and William Frischkorn. There followed a short distance the three sprints of the day, who won Dumoulin, Longo Borghini and fresh grain. The projection of the group increased gradually up to a maximum of 15:30 minutes, but was reduced in the course again from the fast moving peloton. About 60 kilometers to the road of striking dockworkers was blocked, what drivers but only slightly disabled. Upon arrival of the main field, the blockade was reversed. As in the field, there was disagreement, the outliers were able to save a lead of over two minutes to the finish. The sprint in Nantes won Dumoulin. Feillu was able to secure the yellow and the white jersey by the best placement in the group. In the wake of a fall in the main field 25 kilometers from the finish, after Ángel Gómez had to abandon the Tour, the field was divided into several groups, the overall leader Alejandro Valverde was in the first group. However, Denis Menshov Riccardo Riccò and lost 38 seconds on Valverde, Christophe Moreau and Sylwester Szmyd 2:53 minutes. The sprint of the field Robbie McEwen won before Erik Zabel.



  • Second intermediate sprint in Bécherel ( 48.5 miles ) ( 192 m above sea level. NN )
  • Third intermediate sprint in Montauban -de -Bretagne ( 62 km ) (98 m above sea level. NN )
  • Sprint finish in Nantes ( 208 km ) (51 m above sea level. NN )

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