2009–10 Biathlon World Cup

The Biathlon World Cup 2009/2010 World Cup was held at nine locations. The 2010 Winter Olympics and the Biathlon competitions were held at Whistler Olympic Park in Vancouver ( Canada). As a substructure of the Biathlon IBU Cup acted 2009/2010.

The third World Cup took place because of financing problems in the construction of the new stadium as originally provided in the Slovak Osrblie instead. On 13 October 2009, the IBU Pokljuka (Slovenia ) announced as a substitute host.

Defending overall World Cup was Helena Jonsson for women and Ole Einar Bjørndalen for men.

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Starting quota

The starting quota for the individual nations resulting from the results of the previous World Cup. The top four associations of the national rankings may seven starters per individual and sprint races send, the associations of rank five to eight six and so on. Russia lost due to the many deductions for deleted for doping offense results in both the men's as well as the ladies after a long time a starting place.

In the men, the SP looks like this:

  • 7 Starter: Norway Norway, Austria Austria, Germany Germany, Sweden Sweden
  • 6 Starter: France, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic Czech Republic
  • 5 Starter: Italy Italy, Belarus Belarus, Switzerland Switzerland, United States United States
  • 4 Starter: Slovenia, Canada Canada, Slovakia, Slovakia, Poland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia Latvia, Finland Finland, Bulgaria, Japan Japan United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • 2 Starter: all other nations that can summon appropriate athletes who have over unterklassige race, about the IBU Cup, qualified. In the preseason 39 nations took part in the World Cup of Lords.

Rates of women:

  • 7 Starter: Germany Germany, Sweden Sweden, France, Ukraine
  • 6 Starter: Norway Norway, People's Republic of China People's Republic of China, Russia, Russia, Belarus Belarus
  • 5 Starter: Poland Poland, Romania Romania, Italy Italy, Czech Republic Czech Republic
  • 4 Starter: Canada Canada, Finland, Finland, Slovakia, Slovakia, Latvia Latvia, United States United States, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Slovenia, South Korea South Korea, Bulgaria
  • 2 Starter: all other nations, the appropriate athletes can muster, which has about unterklassige race, about the IBU Cup, qualified. In the preseason 33 nations took part in the World Cup Ladies.

National squad


Due to strong public services, several young athletes were promoted to the first training group, while established starters were placed in the second group. Carsten Pump fell due to weak performance last year out of the cadres and must qualify to January 2010 on the IBU Cup for the World Cup team. Miriam Gössner that auftrumpfte at the Nordic World Ski Championships 2009, a part of the course group 2a of the juniors. After she could not provide satisfactory results in the World Cup, they also changed in terms of Olympic temporarily to skiing. Sabrina Buchholz received in Pokljuka a chance to establish themselves, but could not meet the expectations and since then occurs at the IBU Cup, as well as Kathrin superheater, which due to illness and weakness form the necessary services could not provide. Tina Bachmann has developed in the course of the season to a fixed size, Juliane Doell was increasingly set as a starter. Hauswald confirmed their good season last year and should be considered alongside Beck, Wilhelm, Neuner and Henkel also for the Olympic Games as a set.

For men, the six athletes Andreas Birnbacher, Michael Greis, Arnd Peiffer, Michael Rösch, Christoph Stephan and Alexander Wolf for the first three stages of the World Cup season because of the achievements of the previous year a safe starting point. New coach of the C- squad was Steffen Hauswald, Roman Cooper takes over the D / C squad.

Nominations for the season opener:

Simon Schempp and Christoph Knie each came in a race to use, the coach did not want to submit to the pressure of an additional qualification.


Provisional squad divisions, further specifications made ​​at the excretions for the World Cup, which primarily affects men.

For the first World Cup races have been nominated:


The Finnish Association of the beginning of June 2009, two men and three women named for the A-team. No longer is represented Jarkko Kauppinen. The women's team leads again to Kaisa Mäkäräinen (ranked 14 in the Overall World Cup 2008/2009). She will take up on their own as Finnish biathlete at the Olympics 2010 in Vancouver.


Sports Director of the French Association is Christian Dumont. Head coach of the men 's Stéphane Bouthiaux among women Lionel Laurent. As a shooting coach the men's acts Siegfried Mazet, in the women's Jean -Paul Giachino. The B-team coach Jean -Pierre Amat, who is also head coach of the youth and junior teams, as well as Gilles Marguet and Gaël Gaillard.

For the first World Cup races were finally nominated:


Back in February 2009 was the replacement of Paolo Riva fixed as head coach. His successor will Fabrizio Curtaz. Beginning of June also was announced that Armin Auchentaller changes to the U.S. Biathlon Association. For the A - team Francesco Berlendis, Patrick Oberegger and Moreno Montello are now responsible. Wilfried Pallhuber reinforced as shooting coach the selection team.

The men start with seven women and five A-team athletes in the season. New to the team is Junior World Champion Lukas Hofer.


The Norwegian Ski Association announced first on his squad for the new season. Twenty year old Tarjei Bø encounters added to the elite cadre of men, which they again increase six starters. Lars Berger remains at his own request in the B team because all the training conditions under Egil Gjelland and Raphaël Poirée like better. First-team coach remains Mikael Löfgren. In the B- team of the Norwegian selection of starters was reduced from nine to five. Thus Magne Thorleiv Rønning, Stian Navik, Hans Martin Gjerdrem, Martin Eng Stian Eckhoff and excrete and Lars Helge Birkeland moves up. Frode Andresen remains outside the squad.

In the elite cadre of ladies only Synnøve encounters Solemdal added, bringing the women continued to have also to sixth. Knut Tore Berland and Geir Ole Steinslett continue to be the coach. In the women's one has the B- squad replaced by two Juriorinnen groups because you want to focus more on youth. So none of the previous B- starters is retrieve the new system. Only Elise Ringen could draw attention to themselves by a third place in the relay at the IBU Cup.

For the first two world - and the first IBU Cup races were finally nominated:

As a replacement starter for the World Cup has been nominated in the men Frode Andresen, among women Gro Marit Istad - Kristiansen. Replacement for the IBU Cup of males Jon Kristian Svaland and Kim Andre Langørgen among women Tiril Kamp Haug Eckhoff.


The national team has been increased compared to the previous year by Tobias Eberhard, the A-team consists of men now comprises nine instead of five members. As in previous years, Iris Waldhuber is the only woman in the A-team, first in the C- squad, there are more women.

For the first World Cup men were nominated in the individual disciplines only. It was surprising especially the vocation Michael Hauser. After the first race in the IBU Cup, the Austrian women were the first to qualify for the World Cup participation of a season.


The squad have been reduced significantly to the pre-season, mainly because of the fact that a new top squad was created for the Olympic season. For these, only three athletes have mainly among men previously qualified in the course of the season can and should still more athletes move up by good performance.


The Russian training squad ahead of the season were confirmed on 19 May at the coaching staff meeting in Moscow and reduced after consultations with the Russian Biathlon Union in early June 2009 on the preliminary A -level cadres. In addition to the men's and the women's team and the representative in earlier training cadres of the season men and women are given in the extended circle. Vladimir Alikin remains coach of the men, Alexander Selifonow among women. But you are prefixed with Vladimir Barnachow the former Soviet coach as head coach. In addition, the separated two years ago women's national coach Valeri Polchowski new chief executive of the Youth and Junior teams and their coaches. Sergei Rozhkov ended in early April 2009 his career as an active athlete and was established in August Manager of the Russian junior teams.

For the first World Cup races have been nominated:


Staffan Eklund is on team boss, Wolfgang Pichler head coach of Sweden. For the first time the Swedes in men and women the perfect starting place number of seven seats. The A-Team of the men consists of just seven nominees, the women's team of six biathletes. The women are supplemented with an athlete from the B-team.


The Swiss Association of Swiss-Ski Biathlon was on April 18, 2009, squad formation known. Due to various disease-related failures had to finish the last season prematurely and was demoted to the A- squad Matthias Simmen. Consequently, only Simon Hallenbarter remains in the national team. After good results at the World Cup in Vancouver- Whistler, and in the relay Ivan Joller advance to the A-team. Newcomer Christian Stebler after a successful season in the IBU Cup new B-team status, as well as Claudio Böckli, which was a category downgraded compared to the previous year.

For women, Selina Gasparin starts still the only athlete in the B squad.

For the first World Cup races have been nominated:

In the last two stations at Holmenkollen in Oslo and in Khanty-Mansiysk came Selina Gasparin 18- year-old sister Elisa - until now in the C- squad Swiss team - to their first World Cup inserts. In order for the Swiss to the Mixed Relay World Championships were the first to report a squadron.


In the Slovenian team hopes especially Klemen Bauer on a better season because the previous one was marred by a cycling accident. Peter Dokl also could not score because of an accident in the last season. Coach Uroš Velepec hopes especially of Janez Marič improved a second after it could draw attention to themselves through several placings in the top ten in the preseason. Furthermore, in the squad are Vasja Rupnik and Jože flours.

In the A-team of ladies places particular focus on Dijana Ravnikar and Tadeja Brankovic - Likozar, had to suspend because of a pregnancy last season. You come to Andreja Mali and Teja Gregorin. The target set is to qualify for the Olympics 2010.


With Ondřej Rybář, assistant coach in the preseason, the Czechs have a new head coach. The team is geared both to the Olympic games in the season and at the Biathlon World Championships 2013 in Nové Město na Moravě. The squad consists largely of established biathletes in a reserve team junior staff will be gathered. Because of injuries and diseases of the preparation was the Czechs for many athletes, especially female athletes less well. Zuzana Tryznová and Barbora Tomesova that were provided at the beginning of the season for the World Cup squad, were replaced shortly before the first race in the squad compilation by the Junior World Champion in the relay in 2009, Gabriela Soukalova. Besides Rybář trained Vlastimil Vavra Senior part of Men ( Moravec and Šlesingr ), the women are from Milan Janousek ( Soukalova, Vejnarová, Zvařičová ) and Jindřich Šikola ( Rezlerová, Vítková ) trained.

United States

In April 2009, the American Association published the preliminary training squad. The A squad of men is structured differently in contrast to the previous season. So Tim Burke and Jay Hakkinen share the first positions in the squad. Then in the second section follow Lowell Bailey and Jeremy Teela and Russell Currier and internationally still quite unknown Wynn Roberts in the third extension. Zach Hall is the only one remaining from the B-team last season.

The A-team of women is complemented by the returnees Carolyn Bramante, Lanny Barnes and Tracy Barnes, who were still in the B squad last season, but already were used in the pre-season in the World Cup. Sara Studebaker remains in the second squad.

For the first World Cup was able to surprisingly qualify in preparation in addition to the four established starters Kevin Patzoldt after strong performances. Sara Studebaker was able to prevail in the women against experienced runners like Tracy Barnes, Carolyn Bramante and Laura Spector.

United Kingdom

The British Association announced in early June 2009, the squad 's formation known. A total of nine men and five women form the A-team in the Olympic season, including the meantime resigned Stephen Hill. Head coach Walter Pichler is supported by Marc Walker.


World Cup Scores



World Cup Scores

Mixed competitions


After the season

After the season came as the Olympic Seasons usual after many long years of World Cup starters, including Olympic and World Champion, back. Especially in the German women, there was the end of the season, a great upheaval. Early Kati Wilhelm gave her career end known. Even Martina Beck after one of its weakest seasons and Simone Hauswald, who in turn had their best biathlon year, ended their international careers. The former World Champion and overall World Cup champion Sandrine Bailly of France ended her career. For men, Halvard Hanevold ended after nearly 20 years in the World Cup his career.

Receding biathletes: