2009–10 Coppa Italia

The Coppa Italia, the Italian Cup, started in the 2009/10 season 2 August 2009 with the first round matches. The finale took place between AS Roma and Inter Milan on 5 May 2010. The Milan won the final 1-0 through a goal from Diego Milito. For Inter, it was the sixth Cup win in club history.


At the 62nd edition of the competition participated in a total of 78 teams. The whole of the Serie A season 2008/ 09 as well as 20 clubs in the current series B. In addition were (formerly C1) provided 20 teams from the Lega Pro Prima Divisione, each of 10 top finishers of Girone A and B. The Lega Pro Seconda Girone Divisione (formerly C2 ), however, presented only nine teams, each of the group first, and the playoff finalists Girone A, B and C. From the highest amateur league in Italy, series D, the remaining nine seats were filled.

In the first round came together the 36 teams in the three lower leagues. The winners of the games then meet in the second round of the 22 clubs in the Serie B. In the third round, again the first division of seats 9-20 last season met the winner of the previous round. The 16 winners of the third round play only once with each other 8 teams, then take 1-8 last season in the second round of the clubs in the courts.

Except for the semi-finals each procedure after the knockout system, only the last four decided by return game.

First round

2nd round

Round 3

4th Round

Second round




The final of the Coppa Italia was held in Rome on 5 May 2010. For the sixth time in club history Inter Milan won the cup competition. The only goal was scored by Argentina's Diego Milito, in the AS Roma captain Francesco Totti was sent off shortly before the end of the game after a rough foul on Mario Balotelli.