2009–10 Coupe de France

The competition for the Coupe de France in the 2009/10 season was the 93rd playout of the French Football Cup for men teams. This season, 7,317 clubs in France and its overseas departments and territories took part in it, so again, a message record was set.

The defending champions, the Breton Zweitligist En Avant Guingamp, different this time from in the second round. Cup winner was Paris Saint- Germain FC, the trophy won for the eighth time in his eleventh finals. Association Sportive de Monaco opponent played his ninth cup final and is still waiting to get the Coupe after 1991 once the principality.

After completion organized by the regional subdivisions of the National Federation FFF qualifying rounds intervened in Zweiunddreißigstelfinale also the first division and the tieferklassige defending champion in the competition. From this round of competition will be run according to the classic Cup mode; ie, in particular, that the respective Fixtures without seedings or a power-rated or regional sorting of clubs from all still in the competition clubs will be drawn and only one match is played at the end of a winner it must be established ( and whether by extra time and penalties ), which then qualifies for the next round, while the loser is eliminated. Also, the venue is determined for each encounter by lot, since 2003/ 04 but with the restriction that clubs that compared at least two performance levels - not to be confused with league levels - have to compete higher gambling Eleven automatically get home right. Occasionally, amateur clubs declared but against payment willing to give up their home advantage ( in this season of FC Municipal d' Aubervilliers, who played his Zweiunddreißigstelfinalspiel against Paris SG at the Parc des Princes ), or they went against an attractive opponent in a bigger stadium of the region (such as the FC Trélissac, the Olympique Marseille received in Périgueux ). The overall schedule was set up early enough so that the wishes of the transferring channel TF1 and Euro sport could be considered.

For the second division of the competition took a disappointing course: only ten of the 20 clubs achieved the first ever main round. But there were three clubs from La Grande- Motte, Seclin and Marquette -lez -Lille, who compete in the eight and ninth highest level leagues. The last sixteen it brought only three second division clubs for whom the trophy ended there, however, as well as for the last two and a third of the fourth division. The last remaining participants from overseas, AS Excelsior Saint- Joseph from Réunion was even already been eliminated in the 8th round. The role of the most successful "small " fell two fourth-rate to: Vesoul Haute -Saône Football made ​​it to the quarter-final and the U.S. Quevilly could be on their course to the semifinals even against two first division enforce before it was subject to later contest winner and with the had to comfort victory in the " Däumlingswertung ".

This competition, suffered from severe winter weather in December, which resulted in conjunction with a result of the World Cup in South Africa particularly busy schedule that until and including the last sixteen numerous Postponed matches were required; partially matches could only be discharged, as was already running the next succeeding round of the cup. In addition, the competition has been affected by measures against violent fan groups from Paris Saint- Germain, but suffered by play their "home" rather PSGs respective opponents: AJ Auxerre had her quarterfinal unsubscribe before completely of empty stands, the U.S. Quevilly in the semifinals in Caen and thus compete on neutral ground.


Games from 8 to 10, due to the wintry conditions also on the 11th, 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th January 2010, L1, L2 and D3 are of belonging to the first to third league, CFA or CFA2 for the two national amateur leagues, DH or DSR for the next lower regional ( " Division d' Honneur " and " Division Supérieure Régionale ", ie sixth leagues and seventh stage), without specifying for even lower divisions at the department level.

  • Grenoble Foot L1 - L1 Montpellier HSC 3-2 N.V. ( c )
  • UC Le Mans L1 - L1 Valenciennes FC 1-0
  • RC Strasbourg L2 - L1 Olympique Lyon 1:3
  • Stade Plabennec D3 - OGC Nice 2-1 L1
  • Girondins Bordeaux L1 - Rodez AF D3 1-0
  • VF Les Herbiers CFA - FC Toulouse L1 0:1 ( d)
  • FC Saint -Louis Neuweg CFA2 - FC Sochaux 0:1 L1 ( c )
  • Paris Saint- Germain L1 - FCM Aubervilliers CFA2 5-0 ( a)
  • Garde Saint- Ivy Pontivy CFA - Stade Brest L2 0:1 nV ( c )
  • AS Saint -Ouen- l'Aumône DH - CS Sedan L2 0:3 ( c )
  • ES Bonchamp -lès -Laval DH - EA Guingamp 0:2 L2 ( f)
  • FC Pau CFA - Evian Thonon Gaillard FC D3 0:2
  • FC Versailles 78 DSR - AS Beauvais D3 0:3
  • U.S. Avranches CFA - Olympique Saumur CFA2 0:1 nV ( b )
  • U.S. Quevilly CFA - Olympique Saint- Quentin DH 6-0 ( b )
  • FC Pyramid Grande- Motte - FC Villefranche CFA 0:2 ( b )
  • AS Saint- Étienne L1 - FC Lorient L1 4:1 ( c )
  • AS Monaco L1 - L2 FC Tours 0-0 N.V. (4:3 IU )
  • Stade Rennes L1 - L2 SM Caen 2-0
  • SC Amiens D3 - AJ Auxerre 0:1 L1
  • SR Colmar CFA - OSC Lille L1 0:0 N.V. ( 10:9 IU ) ( c )
  • RC Lens L1 - AFC Compiègne CFA 1-0 ( a) (c )
  • FC Trélissac CFA2 - Olympique Marseille 0:2 L1 (s)
  • SA Thiers CFA2 - AS Nancy L1 1:1 N.V. ( 2:3 IU ) ( c )
  • FC Seclin - U.S. Boulogne L1 1:4 ( g)
  • AC Ajaccio L2 - AS Cannes D3 3-0
  • Vannes OC L2 - ES Troyes AC D3 1:1 N.V. ( 8:7 IU )
  • Stade Laval L2 - Vesoul HSF CFA 1:2 N.V.
  • AS Lattes DH - SCO Angers L2 0:1 ( h)
  • CO Saint- Dizier CFA2 - U.S. Raon CFA 0:4
  • U.S. Marquette - FC Mulhouse 1:2 CFA ( b )
  • FC Chauray DH - SU Agen CFA2 0:1

Round of

Games on 22 to 24 January 2010, pent-up games due to the shifts in Zweiunddreißigstelfinale 26-27. January, 3 and 10 February - thus in the latter case, while already the last sixteen games were played.

  • FC Sochaux L1 - L1 UC Le Mans 3:0 ( k)
  • AJ Auxerre L1 - L2 CS Sedan 1:1 N.V. (3-0 IU ) ( j)
  • Vannes OC L2 - Grenoble Foot L1 4:3 N.V. ( j)
  • Girondins Bordeaux L1 - L2 AC Ajaccio 5:1
  • Paris Saint- Germain L1 - Evian Thonon Gaillard FC D3 3:1
  • AS Nancy L1 - Stade Plabennec D3 0:2 ( j)
  • FC Villefranche CFA - AS Saint- Étienne L1 2:2 nV (1:3 IU ) ( k)
  • Olympique Saumur CFA2 - Stade Rennes 0:4 L1 ( i)
  • AS Monaco L1 - L1 Olympique Lyonnais 2-1
  • SR Colmar CFA - U.S. Boulogne L1 1:2 ( j)
  • FC Mulhouse CFA - EA Guingamp L2 0:1
  • U.S. Quevilly CFA - SCO Angers L2 1-0
  • AS Beauvais D3 - SU Agen CFA2 3-0
  • U.S. Raon CFA - Vesoul HSF CFA 0:1
  • RC Lens L1 - L1 Olympique de Marseille 3:1 ( l)
  • FC Toulouse L1 - L2 Stade Brest 0:2 ( l)

Second round

Games on 9 and 10, catch-up game on 17 February 2010

  • Girondins Bordeaux L1 - L1 AS Monaco 0:2
  • AS Saint- Étienne L1 - L2 OC Vannes 2-0
  • AJ Auxerre L1 - Stade Plabennec D3 4-0
  • Vesoul HSF CFA - Paris Saint- Germain L1 0:1
  • U.S. Boulogne L1 - L2 EA Guingamp 1-0
  • RC Lens L1 - L2 Stade Brest 2-1 N.V. (m)
  • AS Beauvais D3 - FC Sochaux 1:4 L1
  • U.S. Quevilly CFA - Stade Rennes 1-0 L1 ( n )


Games 23 or March 24, 2010

  • AJ Auxerre L1 - Paris Saint- Germain L1 0:0 N.V. ( I.e., 5:6 ), (o)
  • U.S. Quevilly CFA - U.S. Boulogne 3-1 L1 ( p)
  • RC Lens L1 - AS Saint- Étienne 3-1 L1
  • L1 AS Monaco - FC Sochaux 4:3 L1 N.V.


Games on April 13th and 14th 2010

  • L1 AS Monaco - RC Lens L1 1-0 N.V.
  • U.S. Quevilly CFA - Paris Saint- Germain L1 0:1 ( q)


Game on 1 May 2010 at the Stade de France in Saint- Denis in front of 75,000 spectators

  • Paris Saint -Germain - AS Monaco 1-0 N.V. (1:0, 0:0)

Team Line-up

Paris: Apoula precious - Christophe Jallet ( Sammy Traoré, 115 ), Zoumana Camara, Mamadou Sakho, Sylvain Armand - Ludovic Giuly ( Peguy Luyindula 77 ), Claude Makelele, Jérémy Clément, Stéphane Sessegnon - Guillaume Hoarau, Mevlut Erdinç (Ceará, 105 ) Coach: Antoine Kombouare

Monaco: Stéphane Ruffier - François Modesto, Cédric Mongongu, Sébastien Puygrenier, Djimi Traoré - Eduardo Costa ( Nicolas N'Koulou, 111 ), Thomas Mangani ( Lukman Haruna, 55 ) - Juan Pablo Pino ( Moussa Maazou, 86 ), Alejandro Alonso, Nene - Park Chu -young Coach: Guy Lacombe

Referee: Lionel Jaffredo ( Saint- Avé, Morbihan )


1-0 Hoarau ( 105 2)

Special events

The final pairing of Monaco against PSG, settled in the league table this season both only in the middle, it had 25 years earlier been before. For Monaco coach Lacombe this was after 2006 ( victory with Paris SG) and 2009 ( losing to Stade Rennes) is already the third playoff participation in the National Cup within five years. His opponent won his third Coupe - but the first in the dugout after Kombouare as a player also has two Cup wins celebrated (1993 and 1995), and in the dress of Paris Saint- Germain.

In the capital club still five players were there from his last final ( 2008), namely Armand ( this is the only one who had also been in the victorious Endspielelf in 2006 ), Camara, Ceará, Clément and Luyindula (he was in 2001 with Racing Strasbourg already successfully ).

The attendance record for a cup final from the previous year was not reached. The separation of the warring PSG fan groups was obviously successful: it came in the context of the game to any significant conflicts.