2009–10 DEL season

The DEL 2009/10 season was the 16th season since the founding of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga. After the preseason, the table last foxes Duisburg withdrew for financial reasons from the league. For the Master of the 2nd Bundesliga, Bietigheim Steelers, was the possibility of ascension. The application to participate in the licensing process was withdrawn prematurely.

Was opened the season with the meeting of the Adler Mannheim and the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers on September 3, 2009, the first round was stopped after 60 match days on March 21, 2010. The subsequent play-offs began on March 24 and ended on April 25 with the first title of the Hannover Scorpions.

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  • 2.3 November 2009
  • 2.4 December 2009
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The following 15 clubs participated in the German Ice Hockey League 2009/10 part ( sort alphabetically by last year's ranking ):


On the 74th general meeting on 2 July 2009 all 15 clubs has been granted the license for the season 2009/10, resulting in a mode change result. The group classification from the previous year falls away, there are 60 game days, each club has four play. Due to the tight schedule due to the Olympic Games and the World Cup in Germany to return to discharge the first play-off round in the best-of -three mode. The following rounds will continue to be played as best-of- five.

Renaming of the Sinupret Ice Tigers

Having already been known in the preseason that the GmbH the Sinupret Ice Tigers is insolvent, a provisional liquidator for the GmbH used on 25 November 2008 by the District Court of Nuremberg, created the insolvency report until 30 December 2008. On 26 March 2009, the previous jersey sponsor Bionorica pulled back so that on April 3, 2009, the investor group led by the jewelry manufacturer Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers the GmbH took over, which avoided insolvency and play activities in the 2009/10 season secured. Along with this license acquisition, the Nuremberg henceforth referred to in Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers.


Preliminary round

September 2009

The season was opened on 3rd September with the game of Adler Mannheim against Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers. First leaders were the Hamburg Freezers, who defeated the Straubing Tigers 6-0. As a result, the Hanseatic League won only the next game in the shootout - because the other day the team lost and closed the eight games, and thus September, starting with the bottom of the table. Defending Berlin Polar Bears defeated on the opening day of the Kassel Huskies 8-3, but won all subsequent games of the month. Success also started the Augsburger Panther who spent the whole of September in the front third of the table. Favorite Mannheim won again after the successful launch, until the seventh match, finishing next to the Krefeld Penguins last year's semifinalist Hannover Scorpions the rear ranks.

October 2009

The most successful team of the month of October were the Adler Mannheim, which could make of nine games victorious eight and thus the standings after Round 17 took over. Furthermore, tail light remained the Hamburg Freezers, who won only two out of eight games. On October 2, it came to the first meeting of last year's finalists, the DEG Metro Stars and the polar bear Berlin. The Rhinelander prevailed 6-2 and broke the seven games continued winning streak of Berlin. Also won the Frankfurt Lions two weeks later against the polar bears and won the first team in the [ [ O2 World ] ] for 17 games.

With the commitment of former NHL pros Ben Clymer of ERC Ingolstadt responded to his injury crisis and was ultimately behind the Mannheimers the second most successful team in October, which was reflected by jumping from 14th place to sixth place. On 15 October, the Krefeld Penguins committed by the Finnish defender Janne Grönvall.

November 2009

The month of November was dedicated to the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers. The team from Nuremberg lost only one of the eight games, reaching 20 of 24 points and pushed it apart from 14th to 8th place before. The Frankfurt Lions picked 19 of 24 points and pushed the polar bear Berlin from the table top. With 18 out of 24 points the Hamburg Freezers left the basement table and stood at the end of the month on a pre- playoff place. Meanwhile, the decline of the Krefeld Penguins and the Cologne Sharks went on, both were able to record in November, just six points for what the " red lantern " meant for Krefeld. The Augsburger Panther and the Kassel Huskies reached only six points.

Between the 6th and 8th November, the League paused due to the discharged at that time Germany Cup.

On 21 match day came for the return of last year's finalists, the Polar Bears Berlin received the DEG Metro Stars in the O ₂ World. The Düsseldorf also won this game 7-3.

On 24 November, the Hannover Scorpions vermeldeten the obligation of goalkeeper Scott Travis, who had played for Cologne in 2007, and had become in the previous year with the Klagenfurt AC Austrian Champion.

December 2009

In December masters Berlin could regain ground in ten games conquered the Polar Bears 27 points. The Hannover Scorpions needed a game more for the same number of points, however climbed so from 14th to 4th place Not a good month was December, however, for Frankfurt, Kassel and Hamburg, who could collect all six points. While the two clubs Hessian needed for nine games, Hamburg took eleven games.

Already at the beginning of the month Igor Pavlov lost his coaching job at the Cologne Sharks, and was succeeded by Bill Stewart, middle of the month changed the Krefeld Penguins trainer. Martin Jiranek had to leave his post for Rick Adduono. Both teams showed a strong upward trend after the coaching change.

On December 13, the game Straubing against Frankfurt with the score at 2-1 in the second intermission had to be canceled because the resurfacer on the ice had a defect and the waste heat burned a hole in the ice. On December 18, a bolt broke on the knife - Hydraulics of an ice machine in Dusseldorf and milled a deep hole in the ice. DEG led to the second break against ERC Ingolstadt 3-0. Both games were rescheduled in January. In two other games in Berlin and Ingolstadt there was a long interruption due to defects in the lighting system.

The Adler Mannheim took after Christmas in the traditional part Spengler Cup in Davos, where they failed short of the finals.

Final Table

Abbreviations: Sp = Matches, W = Wins, OTS = Wins after Overtime, SOS = Wins after the shootout, OTN = Losses after Overtime, SON = Losses after the shootout, L = Defeats, GD = Goal, GT = Goals against, Str = penalties, (M) = titleholder


  • Direct qualification for the play- offs
  • Play-off qualifying round
  • Finished season



The qualifying matches were played in the mode " Best of Three" and took place on the 24th, 26th and 28th March 2010.

HR = Main Round

Playoff Tree


The quarter-final matches have been played in the " Best of Five" mode and found on 30 March, 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th April.

HR = Main Round


The semi-finals were held in the " Best of Five" mode and took place on the 9th, 11th, 13th, 14th and 16th of April.

HR = Main Round


The finals were held in the " Best of Five" mode and were held on 20, 23 and 25 April.

HR = Main Round

Squad of the German Master

Goalkeeper: Travis Scott, Levente Szuper, Youri Ziffzer

Defender: Peter Baumgartner, Aris Brimanis, Sascha Goc (A), Nikolai Goc, Rainer Georg Köttstorfer, Patrick Köppchen (A ), Andy Reiss

Attacker: Sachar Blank, Tino Boos (C ), Ben Cottreau, Thomas Dolak, Matt Dzieduszycki, Garrett Festerling, Chris Herperger, Martin Hlinka, Klaus Kathan, Marvin Krueger, Adam Mitchell, Nikolaus Mondt, gates Vikingstad, David Wolf

Head coach Hans Zach


The following main referees were used in the 2009/10 season:

  • Roland Aumüller
  • Stephan Bauer
  • Marcus Brill
  • Lars Brüggemann ( from December 2009 )
  • Heiko Dahle
  • Georg Jablukov *
  • Stephan Kadow
  • Steffen Klau
  • Carsten Lenhart
  • Rick Looker *
  • Christian Oswald
  • Daniel Piechaczek *
  • Martin Reichert
  • Willi mold
  • Richard Schütz
  • Ulpi Sicorschi
  • Raik van Gameren
  • Stefan Vogl

* Professional Referees

TV rights

The TV rights of the DEL were in season 2009/10 continues with the pay-TV broadcaster Sky Germany, which broadcast individual games in HD for the first time. In addition, the European sports broadcaster euro sport once again secured the rights for two live games in the DEL on free TV. First, ZDF, the third programs, ProSiebenSat.1 Media, n-tv and some regional stations had Nachverwertungsrechte. In addition, game summaries have been sent since the 2005/ 06 season on the platform " DEL - TV " on the Internet, with the artwork from stadium TV and Sky composed.