2009–10 Elitserien season

The 2009/10 season was the 35th season of the Swedish Elitserien. The preliminary round was played September 21, 2009 to 13 March 2010. The play-offs began on 18 March 2010, the decisive final match took place on April 24, 2010. Swedish Champion 2009/10 was the HV 71 Jönköping. In the Kvalserien, a relegation round between the top four teams in the second-rate HockeyAllsvenskan and the two last placed the Elitserien, had to play as in the previous year, the Södertälje SK and BK Rögle. While Södertälje reached the league, Rögle BK dismounted and was replaced by AIK Ishockey.

  • 3.1 quarterfinals
  • 3.2 Semi-finals
  • 3.3 final
  • 3.4 Swedish Champion


Regular Season


The twelve teams in the Elitserien contributed five games against each other. Here, six teams have 28 home games and 27 away games, the other teams, however, denied 27 home games and 28 away games. A team that could deliver this season more home games, had the following season, unless they decline, fewer home games.

A win in the regular season, each team received three points. With goals of equality within regular time, extra time was played, in which the winner two points, the loser gets a point. A draw after extra time each team got a point. For a loss in regulation time, there were no points. The top eight teams in the preliminary round to reach the play- off series, while the last two teams in the Kvalserien against the need to play the best four teams in the second-rate HockeyAllsvenskan for their place in the league. For the clubs in the squares 9 and 10, the season is over after the first round.

Final Table

Sp = Matches, W = Wins, OTS = Overtime Wins, D = drawn, OTN = Overtime defeat, L = Loss, P = Points

Top scorer

Abbreviations: Sp = Matches, G = Goals, A = Assists P = Points


The play-offs will be played in mode "best- of-seven ".


The quarter-final series took place by 30 March 2010 18.


The winners of the quarter finals contested from 1 to 8 April, the semifinal series.


The two winners of the semi-finals played from April 1 to 8 at the Swedish Championship.

Swedish Champion

Goalkeepers: Andreas Andersson, Stefan Liv

Defender: Adam Almqvist, Johan Björk, Daniel Grillfors, Per Gustafsson, Janne Niinimaa, David Petrasek, Pasi Puistola, Nichlas Torp, Lance Ward, Jesper Williamsson

Attacker: Kris Beech, Johan Davidsson, Andreas Falk, Teemu Laine, Per Ledin, Johan Lindström, Johan Linnander, Björn Melin, Simon Önerud, Andre Petersson, Oscar Sundh, Mattias Tedenby, Martin Thörnberg, David Ullström, Jukka Voutilainen

Head coach Janne Karlsson


  • Guldpucken ( best Swedish player) - Magnus Johansson, Linköpings HC
  • Guldhjälmen (Most Valuable Player) - Mats Zuccarello Aasen, MODO Hockey
  • Honkens Trofé ( best goalkeeper ) - Jacob Markström, Brynäs IF
  • Håkan Loob Trophy ( top scorer ) JAN - Hlaváč, Linköpings HC
  • Rookie of the Year - Jacob Markström, Brynäs IF
  • Guldpipa (best referee ) - Marcus Vinnerborg, Ljungby