2009 A Lyga

The A Lyga 2009 was the 20th season of the highest Lithuanian league in football men. It began on 4 April 2009 and ended on 31 October 2009. Ekranas Panevezys successfully defended his title won from the previous year.

Incidents leading up to the season

The A Lyga was shaken before the season to its foundations when the FBK Kaunas and Atlantas Klaipeda waived on 20 March 2009 to a start in the new season. The reason the two clubs called differences of opinion with the Lithuanian Football Federation over the way the league lead. Already on March 5, Zalgiris Vilnius was withdrawn from start authorization for the top flight because of major financial problems of the club.

As a result, joined the chairman of the National Football Clubs ' Association ( NFKA ), Gintaras Ugianskis, from his office. In addition, the League organization has been passed into the hands of the LFF.

Because of these failures, the clubs of the second-rate 1 Lyga were given the choice to take the starting positions of the three " retired " clubs. Interested clubs had to apply until 26 March 2009. On March 27, the LFF, finally, the three replacement teams announced: Banga Gargždai LKKA ir Teledema Kaunas and Kruoja Pakruojis were appointed for the first league. In addition, the FBK Kaunas and Atlantas Klaipeda were downgraded because of " immoral behavior as well as other irregularities" in the third- highest division. Zalgiris Vilnius, however, a license for the second class 1 Lyga was granted.



Final Table

Top scorers