2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

The NASCAR Sprint Cup 2009 season began on 7 February 2009 with the Budweiser Shootout at Daytona International Speedway followed by the 51st Daytona 500 on February 15, 2009., The Chase for the Sprint Cup began on 20 September 2009 with the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire motor Speedway. The season ended on November 22, 2009 with the Ford 400 in the wake of the Ford Championship Weekend. Jimmie Johnson won for the fourth time in a row the Sprint Cup, Joey Logano Rookie of the Year Award and Dale Earnhardt Jr. was named Most Popular Driver.


Each Sprint Cup race in the 2009 season will have a maximum starting field of 43 cars. The first 35 of the Owner Points ( score of the respective owners of a racing car ) of 2008 will have a guaranteed starting spot in the first five races in 2009. If a driver moves from one team within the first 35 points of the Owner to a new team, has no guaranteed starting place more, unless it is also in the top 35 of the Owner Points. However, if a former champion is not in the top 35 nor does it make to qualify for the race, he can fall back on a so-called Past Champion Provisional, which guarantees him a starting place. However, the Past Champion Provisionals are limited to a number of six races per season since the 2007 season. Outside the top 35 will be in this year with Kurt Busch, Bill Elliott and Dale Jarrett three former champions who have all six races for a fixed launch site.

Teams that are not in the top 35 of the Owner Points and have no Past Champion Provisional need to find their seats. For example, if 47 cars would qualify for a race and no one uses a Past Champion Provisional, then fought twelve cars to eight assignable starting places. Of the twelve, then qualify the eight fastest for the race. From the sixth race of the season no longer the owner points last year, but that of the previous race will be used.

* - The driver can have recourse as a former champion on up to six Championship Provisionals. (R) - Rookie


All races of the 2009 season were held in the USA.

Quick Overview

Budweiser Shootout - Daytona Beach, Florida

Eight yellows in 78 rounds made ​​for one of the " wildest race ever " (Carl Edwards). After a few rounds, four of the 28 cars were eliminated from the race. At the ten-minute break after 25 laps led runner-up Carl Edwards in Roush Ford to the field. Dale Earnhardt Jr., who dominated the first place a long time, collided in the seventh caution period with Bobby Labonte. To the end of the race dominated Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon ( Hendrick ), Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin ( Gibbs ) and Jamie McMurray (Ford) the field of riders. Receipt of the last round led McMurray with a few car lengths ahead. However, Kevin Harvick passed him by a Bumpdraft of Denny Hamlin on the backstretch. Shortly thereafter, Denny Hamlin and Jimmie Johnson sparked the final caution period.

Daytona 500 - Daytona Beach, Florida

The first race of the season took place at Daytona International Speedway on February 15. About 88 of the first 124 laps, the race was clearly dominated by Kyle Busch. A collision between Brian Vickers and Dale Earnhardt Jr. triggered the single "Big One" of the race. The positions were redistributed and after the race was stopped ( round 152) due to rain, Matt Kenseth was at the head of the Final Ranking.

Auto Club 500 - Fontana, California

The second race of the season took place at the Auto Club Speedway on February 22. In the duel with Jeff Gordon Matt Kenseth secured his second win of the season, making it the fourth driver of the 500 also wins the race the following weekend after Daytona.

Shelby 427 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Kobalt Tools 500 - Atlanta, Georgia

Food City 500 - Bristol, Tennessee

Goody 's Fast Pain Relief 500 - Martinsville, Virginia

After adverse weather conditions no qualifying runs were carried out in 2009 in Martinsville, so that the race start was in order of championship object. Jeff Gordon started the race from first place and led to the Competition- Caution on lap 40; little later he regained the leadership of Scott Speed ​​, who did not come to the pits during the caution period. After several caution periods Denny Hamlin was able to take the lead from Jeff Gordon just before lap 200.

In the further course of the race with 12 caution periods Jimmie Johnson could approach fight to the top and take the lead during pit stops. Hamlin sat down after an audacious re-start but again at position one. 16 laps to go, Johnson attempted an attack on the top, touching the rear of Hamlin. Both riders came across Turn 2 and were able to keep just ahead of Tony Stewart on the track. Johnson took the lead and was able to settle far enough to no longer be attacked until the end of the race. Johnson won with it the victory with a daring maneuver, with Hamlin and Gordon contributed most of the leadership.

Samsung 500 - Fort Worth, Texas

Subway Fresh Fit 500 - Phoenix, Arizona

The race at Phoenix was determined by Pit -stop strategy and the optimal adjustment of the car to meet changing track conditions. Mark Martin started from the pole into the race and dominated the first phase, which took place even under sunlight. In Cooling road at dusk Kurt Busch was able to hold the lead a lot of laps in itself. In the final phase, then under the lights, Dale Earnhardt Jr. came through a different pit strategy as the leading cars to the top, but had to concede defeat Mark Martin, who was able to adapt his car perfectly to the cooler track conditions.

Aaron's 499 - Talladega, Alabama

Pablo Montoya opened one of the most eventful races of the season. Already in the 8th round, there was a typical for the super speedways pileup (The Big One), after it was pushed off the track Jeff Gordon by Matt Kenseth. More than 15 riders were affected.

In the further course of the race Michael Waltrip and Kurt Busch were erupting their cars at over 250 km / h again brought under control without touching the boundary walls. Opposite end of the race took the aggressiveness in the field clearly, Kyle Busch caused by aggressive blocking at the top almost another 'Big One'. This however happened only nine laps to go, as in the dense field Montoya his car after several light touches by opponents could no longer control.

The race ended with a duel between Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards. Keselowski could push Edwards by Bumpdrafting to the top, when you try to overtake Edwards on the final stretch of the final lap but he was blocked. Edwards threw in was struck by the following Ryan Newman and catapulted against the limiting catch fence; His car was still ahead of the finish line. While Keselowski won the uninjured Edwards put the last meters of the race on foot.

Crown Royal Presents The Russ Friedman 400 - Richmond, Virginia

Southern 500 - Darlington, South Carolina

Mark Martin won the race in Darlington, which was marked for this track by a new record of yellow light phase (17). Martin was able to lay down at the top and at numerous restarts at position one, the last 50 rounds - especially against Jimmie Johnson - claim.

Sprint All- Star Race XXV - Concord, North Carolina

In the qualifying race for the All-Star Race, Race 2 phases were separated with 20 rounds in 2009 which consisted of a Competition Caution, Sam Hornish and Jamie McMurray could qualify as first and second place for the main competition. Joey Logano was chosen by the fans and could also start in the main race. The All Star Race, which, as always, provides no points for the championship, but distributes over $ 1 million to the winner, was held in four phases during 2009. Phase 1 consisted of 50 laps with a mandatory stop for a tire change on lap 25, followed by further stages of the race with 20, 20 and 10 rounds. The individual phases were ( with breaks of several minutes before the last phase) separated by a Competition Caution. Jimmy Johnson led after the first section, but Kyle Bush took over after the Competition Caution the lead and was able to maintain these two until the end of the phase. 8 of the 21 qualified teams decide not to use the yellow-light phase for a pit stop. Phase 3 is interrupted by a disease caused by contact with the wall yellow phase, Jeff Grodon can take the lead in the first change in leadership among greenery and maintain until the last obligation interruption. In the last 10 laps it comes to 3 yellow light phases, Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman can not finish the race after a collision. Tony Stewart struggles to Kurt Busch and Matt Kenseth past to victory.

Coca- Cola 600 - Concord, North Carolina

Autism Speaks 400 - Dover, Delaware

Pocono 500 - Long Pond, Pennsylvania

LifeLock 400 - Brooklyn, Michigan

Toyota / Save Mart 350 - Sonoma, California

Lenox Industrial Tools 301 - Loudon, New Hampshire

Coke Zero 400 powered by Coca -Cola - Daytona Beach, Florida

LifeLock.com 400 - Joliet, Illinois

Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500 - Long Pond, Pennsylvania

Television transmission

In the U.S., FOX transferred all races until the June race at Dover, the following six races, including the Coke Zero 400, were transferred from TNT. Sent from the Allstate 400 ESPN and ABC, the race of the Sprint Cup. The Gatorade Duels and the All-Star race were transferred from SPEED.

On German television, the Sprint Cup was not seen in 2009.