2009 WNBA season

The 2009 season was the 13th season of the Women's National Basketball Association ( WNBA). The regular season began on 6 June 2009 and ended on 13 September 2009. Three days later started the playoffs, which ended on October 9 with the finals and defeating the Phoenix Mercury.

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Rule change

For this season, the maximum number of players per team was reduced from 13 to 11.


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Before the WNBA Draft 2009 Dispersal Draft was held for the players of the Houston Comets. The selection order for the 2009 draft was set in a lottery on December 9, 2008. This won the Atlanta Dream against the Washington Mystics.

As a first pick the Dream attracted the American Angel McCoughtry. After Washington chose the second place Marissa Coleman. Overall, the 13 franchises secured the rights to 39 players. The lion's share with 35 players represented the United States.

Top 5 picks

Abbreviations: Pos = Position G = Guard, F = Forward, C = Center

Contracts, transfers and exchange


On 7 January 2009, the San Antonio Silver Stars extended the contract of their star forward Sophia Young for three years. Just a day later took the Silver Stars Vickie Johnson for another season under contract. On 18 February, the first big name of the free-agent list as the Atlanta Dream Michelle Snow disappeared took under contract. Two days later, the next known player from the Lista as Yolanda Griffith disappeared signed for one year with the Indiana Fever. After the Los Angeles Sparks took on March 12th All-Star Tina Thompson under contract, was already obvious that the Sparks will not renew the contract of Chamique Holdsclaw. On March 26, it was the largest trade of the season: the Sparks transferred Temeka Johnson for a first-round draft pick in the WNBA Draft 2010 to the Phoenix Mercury. On April 20, the legend Holdsclaw took under contract. Also at the next major trade, the Sparks were involved: on May 5, transferred the New York Liberty their first-round draft pick for Sidney Spencer to the Sparks. The draft pick of the Liberty transferred the Sparks together with Raffaella Masciadri to the Minnesota Lynx for Noelle Quinn. Two days later, the Lynx made ​​felt again and took free-agent Roneeka Hodges to Minnesota. During the season, the Seattle Storm secured from their sporting future and extended the contracts of their two superstars Sue Bird (10 September ) and Lauren Jackson (May 4 ).

Coach and General Manager

On October 23, 2008 Angela Taylor has been appointed as the new General Manager of the Washington Mystics. After Taylor assumed the position as General Manager, she was already two weeks later on 6 November 2008 with Julie Plank, the new head coach of the Mystics known. On 20 November 2008 extended Bill Laimbeer, general manager and head coach of the Detroit Shock for another two years, but he put on 15 July after only three games his office. Rick Mahorn took over his position as head coach and Cheryl Reeve of the General Manager. Both were active in the previous years as an assistant coach Laimbeer. On April 28, Anne Donovan returned to their existing contract ended in the previous season as head coach of the Seattle Storm, as assistant coach of the New York Liberty in the WNBA back. On 3 June 2009 gave Minnesota Lynx head coach Don ornaments of his post to his assistant coach Jennifer Gillom from to change to the organization of the Washington Wizards. After the Sacramento Monarchs ten of their first 13 games head coach Jenny Boucek was lost dismissed on July 12. Your post took over general manager John Whisenant.

Special events

Houston Comets end game operation

The Houston Comets announced on 1 December 2008 that they will adjust their game operation. On December 8, a dispersal draft was held for the players of the Comets. First Sancho Lyttle was selected by the Atlanta Dream, the Washington Mystics chose Matee Ajavon and the Chicago Sky for Mistie Williams. 6 of the 13 teams gave up this draft and thus took no player of the Comets under contract.

Last season for Griffith, Leslie and Johnson

Over the Preseason Lisa Leslie, Yolanda Griffith and Vickie Johnson announced that this season was their last in the WNBA.

On February 5, Lisa Leslie announced that this season will be her last. Leslie is one of the best players who have ever played in the WNBA. Leslie was appointed in 2001, 2004 and 2006 MVP. They also won in 2001 and 2002 with the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA championship, while she was named Finals MVP for both times.

Yolanda Griffith on 15 May announced that she will end her career after this season. On June 9, she moved against their former team the Seattle Storm to an Achilles tendon rupture. Due to this injury, she had to finish this season and her career early. Griffith won with the Sacramento Monarchs in 2005 the championship, while she was also appointed to the Finals MVP.

On May 31, Vickie Johnson announced that this will be their last season. Johnson was five times in the WNBA Finals ( four times with the New York Liberty, once with the San Antonio Silver Stars ), but they could never win the championship. Johnson is one addition Tamecka Dixon and Tina Thompson to the only players who participated in each WNBA season until now.

Advertising in the WNBA

On June 1, 2009 Donna Orender and David Stern announced that the Phoenix Mercury have signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with LifeLock. For the first time there is a sponsor on a jersey and the basketball court of a WNBA team. The logo replaces the place of the team logo, which is now located next to the logo of the outfitter and also has about its size. But this was not the only such deal in the WNBA. Also, the Los Angeles Sparks took this route and announced on June 5 that will be located on their jerseys and the basketball court from this season with Farmers Insurance, a sponsor.

Regular Season


The 13 WNBA teams are divided into two Conferences, the seven Eastern Conference teams and the Western Conference has six teams. Overall, each team will play during the regular season 34 season games. Of which denies any team half of the games at home or away. Within the Western Conference teams play four times against each other. In addition, each team will play two more games against each team in the Eastern Conference. In the Eastern Conference, the situation on the basis of the team it is a little more extensive. Within the Eastern Conference a team plays two teams three times and against the remaining four teams four times. In addition, each team will play two games of the Eastern Conference against all six teams from the Western Conference. However, the game mode in the Eastern Conference may cause some teams are at a disadvantage.

All-Star Game in 2009

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The 9th All-Star Game WNBA was held on 25 July 2009 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Montville, Connecticut. The League leadership awarded on February 3 the game to the Connecticut Sun, who had already in 2005 hosts. As occurred in the past few years while at a selection of the best players in the Eastern Conference against a team in the Western Conference.

  • # 42 Gulbeyan
  • # 44 Grinter
  • # 53 Gulbeyan

Statements Tables

Notes: = playoff qualification, = Conference Winner



After qualifying from each conference, the four teams to start the discharged KO system Playoffs. Each Conference plays in the sequence in the Conference Semifinals (German Conference semifinals ) and in the Conference Final (Eng. Conference finals) from their winner, who then competes in the finals. The team located on the seedings highest ever hits the lowest set. The series within the Conference will be played in best-of -three mode, which means that a team with two wins needed to reach the next round. The final will be played in best- of-five - mode. The team with the better balance shall enter in all the duels always the home advantage. In games that remain tied after 40 minutes of regulation time, followed by the overtime. The district continues to take ten minutes it will sound until a team after the end of an overtime more points scored than the opposing team.

Playoff Tree

Conference Semifinals ( Round 1 )

Eastern Conference

The Indiana Fever finished the season relatively well ahead of the Mystics, who had to tremble until the last round for a place in the playoffs. But bad luck with injuries continued to both teams. Although the Fever have lost most of their last ten games, but also the Mystics could not convince properly.

The first game was balanced over long distances, neither team was able to settle properly. The Mystics were able to successfully defend their four- point lead from the first quarter over the first three quarters. The Mystics acted collectively very strong, while the Fever on their review Stars Tamika Catchings familiar ( 12 rebounds and 26 points) and Katie Douglas. The Fever started very aggressively in the last quarter, scoring the first nine points. From this shock the Mystics rallied no longer really and finally lost the first game 79:88.

The Fever led by an outstanding Tamika Catchings had the clearly better start in the second game. But the Mystics found in the course of the first quarter into the game. In the second quarter, the Mystics were the first to settle, as Alana Beard scored seven points shortly before the end of the second quarter. In the third quarter, the Mystics were able to extend their lead in part to nine points, but the Fever struggled again and again a little closer. After 30 minutes, the Mystics still led with 55:49. In the last quarter the Mystics remained for five minutes without success points, by the Fever could make the game more exciting. Nevertheless, the Mystics translated yet from once and went through a successful free throw by Beard 39 seconds before the end of the game with four points in the lead. However, it was after 40 minutes due to a successful basket Leger by Tammy Sutton-Brown and two free throws transformed by Catchings 69:69. Even in overtime, it was drawn just before the end, but then left the Mystics lucky and met in the crucial period not a single throw more. Thus, the Fever finally prevailed successfully with 81:74. Most outstanding player was back Catchings 24 points, 16 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and 4 blocks achieved.

The duel between the reigning champion from Detroit and the playoff rookie from Atlanta looks on paper from balanced. Both teams finished the season with the same balance and also the encounters during the season were mostly balanced. Nevertheless, many Detroit saw as a favorite, as they were the strongest team at the end of the season.

The first game of the series was held in Detroit. In the first quarter the Dream got off to a dream start and led after the first ten minutes already 30:14. But the Shock led by Deanna Nolan erfingen in the course of the game and took the lead in the third quarter, as they scored 17 unanswered points. The game remained very close throughout the last quarter. One minute before the end of the legend of misses from rookie Angel McCoughtry and Castro Marques Iziane were only one point back, but (both each scored more than 20 points) in the crucial final phase did everything to naught.

In the second game, the legend had home advantage for the first time. The first half was extremely close between the two teams. The legend went by a narrow 46:45 lead in the half-time break. In the third quarter, the Shock could easily settle and went with a five - point lead in the last quarter. In the last quarter, the Shock built the lead soon to more than ten points, and thus secured an early victory and promotion to the next round. Best player of the series was Nolan had 25 points and 22 big role in the success of the Shock.

Western Conference

The Phoenix Mercury were the entire season on the strongest team and finished earned the regular season with the best record. Unlike the season was for the previous year's finalists from San Antonio who made ​​it into the playoffs only one lap to go. Although the Mercury can show clearly the better balance in the regular season, each of the two teams won two of the four direct encounters for themselves.

The first game was already a very tight affair. The two top scorer of the league Diana Taurasi ( Phoenix) and Becky Hammon (San Antonio) never really found their rhythm, so that other players took the lead. Neither side was able to settle in the entire game. In the final minutes Edwige Lawson - Wade hit a 3- point shot and brought the Silver Stars with four points in the lead. The Mercury could not respond appropriately and lost the first game with just under 91:92.

In the second game, the Phoenix dominated throughout the game and were all four quarters to score more points than the challenger from San Antonio. Already at halftime led the Mercury with superior 64:42. Diana Taurasi, the not really found its rhythm in the first game, had achieved after almost 15 minutes of playing time 20 points, underscoring the strong performance of their team. Subsequently, both the Mercury and the Silver Stars sat for the most part a substitute players, so that was already evident after the first 20 minutes, there will be a third game. At the end of the Mercury won the second game significantly with 106:78.

Following the significant defeat in the second game made ​​it the Silver Stars in the third game with the Mercury to keep up for a long time. This was due above all to the good performance of Hammon, who scored 29 points. But the herausrandste player in this game was again Taurasi, who scored 30 points and 6 assists. Both teams were evenly matched most of the time, at half-time led the Mercury with just under 43:42. The Silver Stars were able to go into the last quarter, where they were overtaken by Mercury but almost after a good third quarter with a slight edge. The Mercury achieved in the last quarter 34 points and won the deciding game of this series with 100:92.

This playoff duel, there were already in the last season that the Los Angeles Sparks were able to decide for themselves. The regular season could end as a clear second-strongest in the West and with significant distance to the Sparks Storm again. Nevertheless, there are no favorites in this duel, as the Sparks were started very badly in the season due to the baby break of Candace Parker and Lisa Leslie of injury. During the season, teams proved to be evenly matched.

The Storm had the first game and deny subsequently the entire series without their star Lauren Jackson. Especially in the first quarter, the Storm had to make trouble without their leading scorer points. Thus, the Storm 6:22 after the first ten minutes were back already. In the further course, the Storm battled back though closer, but they could not get in trouble, which eventually decided the first game with 70:63 for the Sparks.

The second game of the series was more dramatic barely. The Storm fought to the last second a tough fight with the Sparks. The Sparks dominated for long stretches the action and led at half-time lead with 43:34 relatively clear and seemed already as the sure winner. However, the Storm managed with a strong third quarter of their two guards Sue Bird and Tanisha Wright again the connection and even went one point ahead of the last quarter. In the last quarter the lead changed hands several times between the two teams and 53.5 seconds before the end, it was a draw after a successful layup by Swin Cash. Lisa Leslie and Tina Thompson brought the Sparks again 74:70 lead, but Bird could approach bring with a 3- point shot the Storm to a point. A bad pass by Noelle Quinn few seconds left in the game use Storm's Camille Little to 75:74 lead. A last-ditch attack on the Sparks were able to prevent the Storm successfully, forcing thus an all- decisive third game.

The decisive third game was held in Seattle, where the fans in the first half saw only a strong aufspielende team from Los Angeles. The Sparks dominated the first 20 minutes at will and led at halftime superior to 41:25. Only in the fourth quarter, where the series was already decided, the Storm found into play. At the end of the game clearly went with 75:64 at the Los Angeles Sparks. Herausrangdste players this series were Candace Parker, who scored 16.7 points and 9 rebounds per game, and Swin Cash, who came on an average of 21 points and 2.3 steals per game in the series.

Conference Finals ( Round 2)

Eastern Conference

The Detroit Shock fought in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Indiana Fever at the fourth finals in a row. The Fever excreted in the past three seasons in the playoffs always against the shock and after the first game it looked back from then, as if the Fever Shock can not overcome the hurdle. After a weak first quarter, the Shock dominated the first game clear. Especially the two star players of the Fever Katie Douglas and Tamika Catchings found against the good defense of the Shock no means. Outstanding player on the side of the shock was again Deanna Nolan, who scored 22 points.

In the second game, the Fever were already with their backs to the wall and had the game to win so as not to miss the finals again. The second game was balanced due to a good performance of Catchings through the entire game. In the third quarter to Catchings injured after a hard foul, which began cheering reminder of the Eastern Conference Finals two years ago. Two years ago, Fever met also on the shock and in the decisive third game Catchings could not continue playing after a crude foul. After that, the Fever were no longer in the game and the Shock attracted consider on into the finals. But this time was able to continue playing Catchings, who scored 22 points and 9 rebounds. After this challenge, the Fever were getting stronger and defended the narrow lead through to a successful conclusion.

In the third game, neither team was able to sell. Thus, it was exciting to the very end, who creates a place in the finals. 19 seconds before the end of the game separated the two teams only one point. But after two successful free throws by Ebeny Hoffman needed the Shock compensate for a 3- point shot at the game. Nolan took the responsibility on himself and managed to not balance the game. After a tactical foul of the Shock and Katie Douglas hit both free throws and thus decided the game and the series in favor of the Fever, who succeeded the first time a place in the finals.

Western Conference

The Western Conference Finals offered an interesting duel. The Mercury were known above all for their strong offensive in the season, while the Sparks impressed with their good defense.

In the first game, the Mercury ensured equal the record straight and rolled over the Sparks of time. The Sparks dominated due to the size advantage, the rebounds, yet they were 103 points. Achieved Candace Parker of the Sparks and Diana Taurasi each 28 points. After the first game, the Mercury thus had all the cards in your hand.

In the second game, the Sparks were finally able to get the offensive of the Sparks in the handle and dominated the Mercury in the first quarter clearly with 31:17. The Mercury could not really reduce this distance and lost in front of their own fans at the end clearly with 76:87. Parker scored unblaubliche 18 rebounds and 24 points.

In the decisive third game, the Mercury made ​​for clear conditions and were in the first quarter at 19 points scored only 7. The Sparks never found really into the game, as the Mercury Parker for the first time in this series had well under control. The Sparks made ​​it never enforce the Mercury under pressure and were already clear at halftime with 14 points back. In the last two quarters, the Sparks could indeed easily catch up, but the game was at the end clearly lost with 74:85.

Finals ( Round 3 )

In the finals met with the Phoenix Mercury and Indiana Fever each best team from their conference together. By better final record in the regular season, the Mercury secured the home advantage. With the Mercury and Fever came together two different worlds. The Mercury were led by Diana Taurasi, who has completed the regular season with the best points average, while the Fever Tamika Catchings, of the best defenders of the current season, were led.

Both teams had a standoff in most games, so the series over the entire distance of five games left. After the Fever won the second away game and the first home game, they had the chance to win on home soil for the first time the series and the championship on October 7. However, the Mercury fought their way back into the series and forced a fifth game. In the decisive game, neither team was able to pull right. One minute before the end separated the two teams just two points. The Mercury could defend the narrow lead safe and won for the second time since 2007 the championship. For Finals MVP Diana Taurasi was appointed, who scored an average of 20.4 points per game in the Finals.

Game 1

  • # 8 Humphrey
  • # 22 Courteau
  • # 45 stone

Game 2

  • # 39 Price
  • # 4 Blauch
  • # 42 Gulbeyan

Game 3

  • # 22 Courteau
  • # 7 Stevens
  • # 55 Brewton

Game 4

  • # 9 Brooks - Clauser
  • # 39 Price
  • # 18 Walker

Game 5

  • # 39 Price
  • # 4 Blauch
  • # 55 Brewton

WNBA champion team

Guards: Diana Taurasi, Temeka Johnson, Dewanna Bonner, Ketia Swanier, Kelly Mazzante

Forwards: Cappie Pondexter, Lecoe Willingham, Penny Taylor

Forward -Center: Nicole Ohlde, Brooke Smith

Center: Tangela Smith

Head Coach Corey Gaines General Manager Ann Meyers Drysdale -

WNBA awards and award trophies

All- WNBA teams

  • First team Becky Hammon, San Antonio Silver Stars
  • Cappie Pondexter, Phoenix Mercury
  • Diana Taurasi, Phoenix Mercury
  • Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever
  • Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm
  • Deanna Nolan, Detroit Shock
  • Katie Douglas, Indiana Fever
  • Sophia Young, San Antonio Silver Stars
  • Candace Parker, Los Angeles Sparks
  • Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks

All- Rookie Team

  • Angel McCoughtry, Atlanta Dream
  • Dewanna Bonner, Phoenix Mercury
  • Shavonte Zellous, Detroit Shock
  • Renee Montgomery, Minnesota Lynx
  • Marissa Coleman, Washington Mystics

All-Defensive Team

  • First team Tully Bevilaqua, Indiana Fever
  • Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever
  • Nicky Anosike, Minnesota Lynx
  • Tanisha Wright, Seattle Storm
  • Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm
  • Sancho Lyttle, Atlanta Dream
  • Angel McCoughtry, Atlanta Dream
  • Candace Parker, Los Angeles Sparks
  • Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks
  • Alana Beard, Washington Mystics
  • Deanna Nolan, Detroit Shock