2010–11 Slovak 1. Liga season

The season 2010/11 was the 18th regular hosting of the first league, the second Slovakian Hockey League. Master was the SHK 37 Piestany, who qualified for the extra league relegation, in which he defeated the MsHK Žilina as last year. The HK Brezno dismounted in the second league.


In the main round each of the 14 teams completed a total of 38 games. The top eight teams after the main round qualified for the playoffs. The-table after the main round rose from the 2nd league. For the other five teams the season was ended prematurely. For a victory after regulation time, each team received three points with a victory after overtime to give two points for a loss after overtime there was a point. For one defeat after regulation time gave no points.

Main Round

In the course of the season's opening a new logo for the first league was presented.

Sp = Matches, W = Wins, OTS = Wins after Overtime, OTN = Losses after Overtime, L = Loss, P = Points