2010 American League Championship Series

The American League Championship Series 2010 ( ALCS ) took place between 15 and 22 October 2010. In it, the winner of the American League Division Series in 2010, the Texas Rangers were ( winners of the Western Division ) and the New York Yankees ( wild card team ) against each other to determine the winner of the American League and thus its representative in the World Series 2010. Winners were the Texas Rangers with 4-2 victories. The most valuable player Josh Hamilton ( Rangers) was excellent.

Mode and participants

It is a best- of-seven series in which the Rangers have Home Field Advantage. Although the Yankees in the regular season won more games than the Rangers ( 95-67 compared to 90-72 ) and would therefore have home advantage. However, they are not division winners, but attended only as a wild card team in the postseason. This team is the home advantage to never. Therefore, the Games 1 and 2 found in Rangers Ballpark in Arlington instead, during the games 3, 4 and 5 were played at Yankee Stadium. Game 6 and possibly a decisive Game 7 will be played again at Rangers Ballpark.

The Rangers were only three times previously to qualify for the postseason and failed at each of the Yankees in the ALDS for the years 1996, 1998 and 1999; in particular, they were able to win only one of the ten games so far. For Texas, it is after the victory in the ALDS 2010 on the Tampa Bay Rays with it the first time that they are qualified for the ALCS, while the Yankees already the 14th time competing since 1969 and did not win only twice before the series.

Results Overview

( TEX - NYY )

Game summaries

Game 1

Friday, October 15, 2010 - 20:00 EDT, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in Arlington

WP: Dustin Moseley (1-0 ) LP: Darren O'Day (0-1) SV: Mariano Rivera ( 1) HRs: NYY - Robinson Canó ( 1) TEX - Josh Hamilton ( 1)

In Game 1 it was possible the Yankees once more, even convert an almost lost game appearing in a victory: Although they were 0-5 at the end of the sixth inning behind, New York could still win the game with 6-5. Already in the regular season they could win 48 times from behind to.

New York starter C. C. Sabathia had after a break of eight days (last: Game 1 of the ALDS on October 6, 2010 2010) to major difficulties. In the first inning he allowed a leadoff hitter Walk by Elvis Andrus and a subsequent single by Michael Young. The third batter of the inning, Josh Hamilton, then provided with a home run for the leadership of the Rangers 0-3. Texas was able to expand by a double by Michael Young that brought two runs home, the lead in the fourth inning. Sabathia was replaced in the fifth inning by Joba Chamberlain, who allowed no more Run. Also held Dustin Moseley, who came for Chamberlain in the sixth inning on the mound, the backlog in five runs.

By the end of the sixth innings CJ Wilson could prevent a run of the Yankees. At the beginning of the seventh inning, he then had a solo home run of the first batter, Robinson Canó to. Wilson also began the eighth inning, but was immediately a hit for quick Brett Gardner, which managed to beat the throw to first base narrowly. A subsequent double by Derek Jeter brought Gardner back home and finished the game for Wilson, who was replaced by Darren Oliver. Oliver admitted two Walks by Nick Swisher and Mark Teixeira and so invited the bases. He was replaced against Darren O'Day, on the first pitch, Alex Rodriguez hit a single, which Jeter and Swisher were able to reduce the deficit to 4-5. The Rangers brought a new pitcher Clay Rapada, which gave a single by Canó, by Teixeira got compensation for the Yankees. With Derek Holland, the fifth pitcher came in this inning for use. A single by Marcus Thames was responsible for the leadership and the final score of 6-5. Kerry Wood in the eighth and Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning left no Run the Rangers more.

For Rivera, it was the 42nd save in the postseason and the 13th in a League Championship Series - both records. For the Rangers, it was about the tenth defeat in a postseason game against the Yankees in a row - a series that began in 1996. At the same time, it was the seventh in the series lost postseason game in the home stadium.

Game 2

Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 16:00 EDT, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas

WP: Colby Lewis ( 1-0) LP: Phil Hughes ( 0-1) HRs: NYY - Robinson Canó ( 2) TEX - David Murphy ( 1)

Game 2 resembled in some respects, Game 1, of course, with the crucial difference that this time the Rangers hold a lead of five runs and can win the game. Again, let the starting pitcher of the Yankees, this time Phil Hughes, in the first innings of the Rangers several runs to and was taken after only four innings of the game. Before Elvis Andrus scored the first run for the Rangers in the first inning after two Stolen Bases. A solo home run by David Murphy and three consecutive hits by Mitch Moreland, Elvis Andrus and Michael Young brought the Rangers with three runs in the lead. In the third inning, Nelson Cruz hit a double and reached for a sacrifice bunt by Ian Kinsler to third base. Two doubles by David Murphy and Bengie Molina brought the Runs 4 and 5 for the Rangers.

The Yankees came in the fourth inning after a double by Robinson Cano, a wild pitch by Colby Lewis and a single by Lance Berkman to their first run. At the beginning of the fifth inning, the Rangers were able to extend the lead through a double by Nelson Cruz and an RBI triple by Ian Kinsler. This ended the game for Phil Hughes, who was replaced by Joba Chamberlain. Chamberlain reached two strikeouts, but then allowed a single by Mitch Moreland to, Kinsler scored by the seventh run. The Yankees have only one more run recorded by a home run by Robinson Canó in the sixth inning.

For the Rangers, it was the first home win in a postseason game. At the same time they were able to finish a ten game -ending series of post-season defeats against the Yankees.

Game 3

Monday, October 18, 2010 - 20:00 EDT, Yankee Stadium, New York City

WP: Cliff Lee ( 1-0) LP: Andy Pettitte (0-1) HRs: TEX - Josh Hamilton ( 2)

The history of Game 3 is briefly told: About eight innings Cliff Lee showed his phenomenal postseason skills again demonstrated and left no Run the Yankees at 13 strikeouts. Even his opponent Andy Pettitte showed a good performance with only two runs in seven innings. Meanwhile, bad luck was that he was already in the first inning allowed a single by Michael Young and Josh Hamilton then gave up a home run to lead the Rangers 2-0.

As a result, the Yankees could find no remedy against Lee while now waiting for the Rangers to the guide in the back to the next mistakes of the Yankees. This came after Pettites detachment and an uneventful inning of Kerry Wood until the 9th inning equal to the complete lineup of the Rangers came to blow and scored six runs against the bullpen the Yankees. Multiple here were the bases full, and again and again could not find a hole in the defense a Rangers player.

With this now more than comfortable lead of 8-0 Naftali Feliz could close without a great thrill in the home half of the ninth inning, the door to the second victory for the Rangers in their first ALCS participation definitively what the zuvorigen small successes against the Yankees in the past let fade accordingly.

Game 4

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - 20:00 EDT, Yankee Stadium, New York City

WP: Derek Holland (1-0 ) LP: AJ Burnett (0-1) HRs: TEX - Bengie Molina (1 ) Josh Hamilton 2 ( 4), Nelson Cruz ( 1) NYY - Robinson Canó ( 3)

With the 10-3 success in Game 4, the Rangers are only one win away from first-time entry into the World Series. By the sixth inning to the Yankees and Rangers delivered a balanced game in which the lead changed hands several times. In the second inning, the Yankees were the first to go in this series was the first in the lead with a home run by Robinson Canó. The Rangers beat the third inning with two runs by David Murphy and Bengie Molina back. A triple by Derek Jeter and a subsequent single by Curtis Granderson led in the second half of the inning to compensate. In the fourth inning, the Yankees took the lead again with a run from Alex Rodriguez.

The tide turned in favor of the Rangers in the sixth inning after Nelson Cruz choice by a fielder 's reached first base and then stole second base. Joe Girardi, manager of the Yankees, decided to have the beating of the left side by a David Murphy Intentional Walk to the first base to score the next out against the beating of Bengie Molina right. On the first pitch from AJ Burnett, however, Molina hit a home run that brought the Rangers 5-3 lead. The hope of the Yankees, to be able to fight back, was marred by two more runs in the seventh inning of the Rangers: Boone Logan gave a home run by Josh Hamilton and Joba Chamberlain had another run by Vladimir Guerrero. In the eighth inning managed the Yankees though, by three consecutive walks to load the bases; but they could not bring their baserunner home. The Rangers loaded in the ninth guild with two homers of Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz, who brought three runs again after and took the Yankees any hope of victory. The Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira also lost, of a strain of the quadriceps muscle drew upon and fails for the rest of the postseason.

Game 5

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 16:00 EDT, Yankee Stadium, New York City

WP: C. C. Sabathia (1-0 ) LP: C. J. Wilson HRs: TEX - Matt Treanor ( 1) NYY - Nick Swisher ( 1), Robinson Canó ( 4), Curtis Granderson ( 1)

With their pitching ace C. C. Sabathia on the mound, the Yankees were in the second inning after two Walks of Alex Rodriguez and Lance Berkman and a single by Jorge Posada in the lead. Another single by Curtis Granderson brought the second, an error by Jeff Francoeur to third run for the Yankees. Homers by Nick Swisher and Robinson Canó in the third inning built their lead to 5-0.

The Rangers came in the fifth inning with a home run by Matt Treanor on the scoreboard. The Yankees hit in the same inning by one run by Nick Swisher back. Three singles from David Murphy, Ian Kinsler and Jeff Francoeur in the sixth inning loaded the bases. A single by Treanor brought the second run for the Rangers, but could not beat a further profit from the situation.

Sabathia was replaced in the seventh inning by Kerry Wood, who admitted not run in two innings. Mariano Rivera secured the win, holding the Yankees in the series in the ninth inning.

Game 6

Friday, October 22, 2010 - 20:00 Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas

WP: Colby Lewis ( 2-0) LP: Phil Hughes ( 0-2) HRs: TEX - Nelson Cruz ( 2)

With the victory in the sixth game the Rangers managed their first entry into the World Series. The game was reminiscent of Game 2: Not only were the pair and place the Starting Pitcher equal, as were gameplay and conditions similar. After a defeat in the game before the Rangers could bring early Phil Hughes, the Yankees starter, behind, and force its replacement before the end of the fifth inning.