2010 WNBA draft

The WNBA Draft 2010 was the 14th talent contraction of the Women's National Basketball Association and took place on 8 April 2010 in the NBA Studios in Secaucus in the U.S. state of New Jersey instead. The first round of the draft was broadcast nationwide on ESPN2. The second and third rounds were to be seen on the channels NBA TV and ESPNU.

With the first overall draft pick, the Connecticut Sun selected the US-American Tina Charles. On the second and third place, the U.S. women Monica Wright and Kelsey Griffin were selected by the Minnesota Lynx. A total of 36 players were selected from six nations of the WNBA franchises in three rounds. As the only European players the Romanian Gabriela Marginean (Connecticut Sun ) at position 26, the Briton Johannah Leedham ( Minnesoty Lynx ) at position 27 and the Hungarian Tijana Krivacevic (Seattle Storm ) were selected at position 34.

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  • 3.3 Round 3

Draft order

The draft order was determined on 5 November 2009 after the conclusion of the 2009 season through the draft lottery. The five teams participated, which did not qualify for the play- offs in the 2009 season; or their right to vote holders. The worst team in the regular season had a chance from 42 percent to win the lottery; the best two of the five not already qualified for the playoffs teams had a chance of 7.6 percent.

The Minnesota Lynx won the lottery and moved thus from second to first place in the draft order on ( note: the Lynx were represented twice in the lottery: once by the draft law, which they received from the New York Liberty ( 2. rank ) and once by their own draft law ( 3rd place ) ). The Sacramento Monarchs, the worst team in the regular season, slipped despite the highest chances of winning the second place in the draft order from.

The draft order of the eight play-off participant was placed in the regular season based on their table stand. It was considered that the team is in position six with the fewest victories. However, the draft order was only for the first round of the Draft. The Draf - order of the second and third round was determined purely on the basis of the table object in the regular season. The teams had to acquire, however, the possibility of transfers on voting rights of other teams or deliver their own to other teams.

Transfer of first-round voting rights

Dispersal Draft

After the Sacramento Monarchs on 20 November 2009 einstellten their gaming operations, a dispersal draft was held for the players of the franchise on December 14. The Monarchs players Kara Lawson, Hamchétou Maiga -Ba and Ticha Penicheiro were before the Dispersal Draft to free agents because their contracts expired at the end of the 2009 season. Thus they were not the Dispersal Draft available.

WNBA Draft

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