2010 WNBA season

The 2010 season of the Women's National Basketball Association was the 14th season played out of North American women's professional basketball league. The regular season began on May 15, 2010 and ended on August 22, 2010. Three days later started the playoffs, which ended on 16 September with the finals and the victory of the Seattle Storm.

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Before the WNBA Draft 2010 Dispersal Draft was held for the players of the Sacramento Monarchs. On 5 November 2009 a lottery on the selection order of the first five picks took place. In the lottery, the Minnesota Lynx secured against the Sacramento Monarchs. After the Monarchs einstellten play activities engaged all the teams in front of a place. On January 12, walked in a barter transaction, the first round draft law of the Lynx on the Connecticut Sun over.

The Draft finally took place on 8 April 2010, in which the Sun, the American Tina Charles chose it as the first pick. Due to further transactions between the teams, the Lynx had the right to choose the next two players and opted for Monica Wright and Kelsey Griffin. Overall, the 12 franchises secured the rights to 36 players. The lion's share with 30 players represented the United States.

Top 5 picks

Abbreviations: Pos = Position G = Guard, F = Forward, C = Center

Special events

Sacramento Monarchs end game operation

The league announced on 20 November 2009 that the Sacramento Monarchs will adjust their game operation. On December 14, a dispersal draft was held for the players of the Monarchs. First, Nicole Powell was selected by the New York Liberty, the Minnesota Lynx chose Rebekkah Brunson and the Connecticut Sun for DeMya Walker. 4 of the 12 teams gave up this draft and thus took no player of the Monarchs under contract.

Advertising in the WNBA

In April 2010, announced the Storm that they have signed a long- term sponsorship agreement with Microsoft. This agreement grants, according to Karen Bryant, general manager of the Storm, the franchise revenues in excess of one million dollars. This sponsorship agreement, however, means that the logo of the team will be replaced by the logo of the search engine Bing. In addition, also in the KeyArena, the home cities of the Storm, are promoting the search engine from Microsoft. For the Storm, after the Phoenix Mercury and Los Angeles Sparks are the third franchise in the WNBA with a Hauptsponser.

Regular Season


The 12 WNBA teams are divided into two Conferences, the Eastern Conference and Western Conference each comprising six teams. Overall, each team will play during the regular season 34 season games, including contests, each team half of the games at home or away. Within its own Conference teams play against two teams five times and against the remaining three teams four times against each other. In addition, each team will play two more games against each team from the other conference.

The Stars at the Sun game, which is not an official All-Star Game WNBA, was held on 10 July 2010 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Montville, Connecticut. In this event, it came 's USA Basketball team and a selection of WNBA All-Stars to a clash between the Geno Auriemma. The USA Basketball team won the game clearly with 99:72.

  • Michael Price
  • Cameron Inouye
  • Kurt Walker

Statements Tables

Notes: = playoff qualification, = Conference Winner



After qualifying from each conference, the four teams to start the discharged KO system Playoffs. Any Conference plays in the sequence in the Conference Semifinals (German Conference semifinals ) and in the Conference Final (Eng. Conference finals) from their winner, who then competes in the finals. The team located on the seedings highest ever hits the lowest set. The series within the Conference will be played in best-of -three mode, which means that a team with two wins needed to reach the next round. The final will be played in best- of-five - mode. The team with the better balance shall enter in all the duels always the home advantage. In games that remain tied after 40 minutes of regulation time, followed by the overtime. The district continues to take ten minutes it will sound until a team after the end of an overtime more points scored than the opposing team.

Playoff Tree

Conference Semifinals ( Round 1 )

Eastern Conference

In the regular season, the Washington Mystics met four times on the Atlanta Dream, the Mystics won the last three games for themselves. The last meeting between the two took place at all until three days before the playoffs. The Mystics continued to call to mind with 90:81 through, making the Mystics as the favorite for the rise were.

In the first game of the series the legend was enough for an exceptionally strong first half to the foundation for the away win basket. The Dream scored 48 points in the first half, which was a negative record season for the Mystics. The Mystics were subsequently the half residue in the amount of 15 points no longer catch up whereby the second game of the series already constituted a final for the Eastern Conference champion.

The second game was similar to the first. After the Mystics after the first quarter led narrowly conceded as in the first game a major setback in the second quarter - the Dream scored 33 points and had just seven points. The high residue at halftime were the Mystics this time not catch up which was also lost the second game, and subsequently the entire series.

Most outstanding player of the series with 28 points in the first and 21 points in the second game was Angel McCoughtry of the Atlanta Dream.

The duel between the previous year's finalists from Indiana and the New York Liberty presented the closest series of the entire playoffs dar. Both teams finished the season with nearly the same balance and also in the four games in the regular season could each team each one home and away game decide for themselves.

The first game could decide for itself the Liberty with a solid team result with a 12- point lead. Most outstanding player of the first game of this series was Cappie Pondexter with 28 points.

On August 29, the only game in the series took place in Indiana, which won the Fever with a strong defensive performance.

The third game in the series also provided the closest represents the lead changed in this game, all seven times, and there was seven times undecided. Nevertheless, the Liberty could decide the game and the series for yourself with a good last quarter. As in the first game was the most outstanding player Cappie Pondexter, who this time scored 30 points, and thus was responsible for almost half of the points of Liberty.

Western Conference

The Seattle Storm went against the Los Angeles Sparks as the clear favorite in this series. The Storm could not finish the regular season only as by far the best team, but also won all five games in the regular season against the Sparks.

The Sparks were completely chance against the Storm without their star forward Candace Parker and could in the entire series in only one quarter to score more points than the Storm. The Storm managed with this success the first time a place in the Western Conference finals since winning the WNBA Championship in 2004. During the last five years, the Sparks ( three times were every time in the first round of the playoffs excreted them against the Sparks ).

This playoff duel, there were already in the last season that the Phoenix Mercury were able to decide for themselves. The regular season ended, both teams with a similar record and also in the direct duels the Mercury and Silver Stars were able to choose two games for themselves. Thus, there was no clear favorite from the paper here.

The Silver Stars, led by Becky Hammon were a chance against a superior playing Candice Dupree. Dupree finished the first game with 32 points and 8 rebounds. In the second game she succeeded with 19 points and 11 rebounds even a double- double. Furthermore, even Penny Taylor and Diana Taurasi get each a double- double.

Conference Finals ( Round 2)

Eastern Conference

The New York Liberty went home because of the law as a slight favorite in the duel against the Atlanta Dream. Both teams were in the regular season to decide two games for themselves.

The first game took place in New York and was very balanced over long distance. After the third quarter, it was even 56:56. In the fourth quarter the two teams never parted usually more than four points. 55 seconds before the end, it was even 74:74. The legend ultimately prevailed because of good defensive performance ( a block and a steal ) with 81:75 through.

The second game was very balanced. After the third quarter, it was 73:73 which both teams as in the first game with a draw in the fourth quarter went. An outstanding performance from Angel McCoughtry in the last quarter (12 out of 42 points they scored in the last quarter ) presented the legend to victory over the Liberty. Most outstanding player on the side of Liberty was Cappie Pondexter who finished the game with 36 points and 9 assists.

Western Conference

In the Western Conference Finals the Seattle Storm met the Phoenix Mercury. The Storm were all the games in the regular season against the Mercury decide for themselves, which is why they went as the clear favorite in this duel.

The Storm started very well in the series and some of the first minute away happen. At halftime, the Storm led already 47:33. In the second half of the Mercury could indeed score more points than the Storm in both quarters, however, the residue was too large, making the first game with 82:74 relatively clearly went to the Storm. Most outstanding player was Lauren Jackson with 23 points and 17 rebounds.

In the second game, the Storm escaped with a strong final sprint just one defeat. The Mercury led 3:21 minutes before the end with 88:76 and sahren already out as the sure winner. But from that moment left the Storm to a single point more and recovered on the majority of their litters. 2.8 seconds before the end of the game recycled Sue Bird a 3- point shot, and thus secured the Storm a place in the finals.

Finals ( Round 3 )

In the finals the Seattle Storm met the Atlanta Dream. While the Storm in 2004, the collection managed in the finals, managed the legend for the first time in its history, the jump in the finals. Because of the better final record in the regular season, the Storm secured the home advantage. In the regular season, the Storm met twice on the Dream and were able to win both duels.

The first game was very balanced. The lead changed hands nine times and eleven times the score draw between the two teams. Played on both sides of several players a very strong game. The game was finally decided at the last second by a jump shot from Sue Bird.

The second game was similar to the first over long distances very balanced. This is also reflected in the twelve leadership changes reflected throughout the game. After three-quarters of the legend were only four points behind the Storm, and came through a successful jump shot from Iziane Castro Marques two points behind. But after that, the Storm were able to sell a little slow but still. In the final phase, the legend back to work a little closer to the storm approach, but at this time the projection was too large and caused the Storm also won the second game.

In the third game, the legend were already with their backs to the wall. The third game was a long time very balanced. Shortly before the end of the third quarter separated the two teams just two points, but in the last 70 seconds Lauren Jackson scored five points in a row, making the Storm went into the last quarter with a seven -point lead. In the last quarter, the Storm managed to lead confidently and built this in the meantime from even to twelve points. In the " Finsh " the Dream came with a run but one back to a point. At this time, only just seven seconds to play. Then fouled Angel McCoughtry Camille Little which thus had two free throws. Little changed this, so the legend just under six seconds remained to send with a 3- point shot the game into overtime. The final turn, ran over the McCoughtry scored 35 points so far. McCoughtry failed in their attempt of the 3 -point line which the Storm won the WNBA Championship for the first time since 2004.

Lauren Jackson was named Finals MVP.

Game 1

  • Daryl Humphrey
  • Denise Brooks
  • Michael Price

Game 2

  • Eric Brewton
  • Cameron Inouye
  • Scott Twardoski

Game 3

  • Sue Blauch
  • Lamont Simpson
  • Kurt Walker

WNBA champion team

Guards: Sue Bird, Alison Lacey, Tanisha Wright

Guard -Forwards: Svetlana Abrosimova

Forwards: Abby Bishop, Swin Cash, Camille Little, Jana Vesela, Le'coe Willingham

Forward - center Lauren Jackson

Center Ashley Robinson

Head Coach: Brian Agler General Manager: Karen Bryant

WNBA awards and award trophies

All- WNBA teams

  • Sue Bird, Seattle Storm
  • Katie Douglas, Indiana Fever
  • Angel McCoughtry, Atlanta Dream
  • Crystal Langhorne, Washington Mystics
  • Tina Charles, Connecticut Sun

All- Rookie Team

  • Epiphanny Prince, Chicago Sky
  • Kalana Greene, New York Liberty
  • Monica Wright, Minnesota Lynx
  • Kelsey Griffin, Connecticut Sun
  • Tina Charles, Connecticut Sun

All-Defensive Team

  • First team Cappie Pondexter, Phoenix Mercury
  • Tanisha Wright, Seattle Storm
  • Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever
  • Angel McCoughtry, Atlanta Dream
  • Sylvia Fowles, Chicago Sky
  • Katie Douglas / Tully Bevilaqua, Indiana Fever
  • Lindsey Harding, Washington Mystics
  • Sancho Lyttle, Atlanta Dream
  • Rebekkah Brunson, Minnesota Lynx
  • Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm