2011 FIA GT3 European Championship season

The FIA GT3 European Championship 2011 was the sixth season of the FIA ​​GT3 European Championship. Run by the SRO Motorsports Group series was made ​​in 2011 six race weekends, where they took in three race weekends on new tracks.

List of participants

The list of participants for the first run contained 28 entries.

Race Calendar

The race calendar was announced on 10 December 2010. It included three new circuits for the championship. For the first time you are in Los Arcos and Zandvoort go. The race in Smolensk was canceled and replaced by the Slovakiaring.



In addition to the driver and team standings for the entire starting field, the SRO has also posted a Gentleman Trophy for 2011. Here only the bronze bronze driver pairings were evaluated and awarded at the end with a drivers' title. The point distribution was equal to the regular championship.

Points system

Both races a weekend counted the same. The current points system was introduced for the 2010 season and corresponds to that of the championship race of the FIA ​​GT1 World Championship.

Penalty System

While in recent years the top three of a race were loaded with success weight, the best cars are punished with penalty seconds from the 2011 season. These need to be served with in the next race as part of the mandatory pit stops. This means that if the regular minimum time delay is 80 seconds for a race, the winning vehicle must spend 95 seconds in the box. The following penalty seconds were distributed:

Drivers' championship

Team standings