2011 Formula Nippon season

The Formula Nippon 2011 season was the 25th season of Formula Nippon. It included a total of seven race weekends. The season began on May 15 and ended on November 6 in Suzuka.

  • 3.1 Points system
  • 3.2 Drivers' Championship

Starter box

  • S: Participation in the Fuji Sprint Cup 2011

Changes in drivers

The following list contains all the drivers who took part in the Formula Nippon 2010 season and did not start in the 2011 season for the same team as in 2010.

Drivers who have changed their team:

  • Takuto Iguchi: Deliziefollie / Cerumo - Inging → ​​Petronas Team TOM'S
  • Hiroaki Ishiura: Team LeMans → Team Kygnus Sunoco
  • Kazuya Oshima: Petronas Team TOM'S → Team LeMans
  • Kodai Tsukakoshi: HFDP Racing → ​​Docomo Team Dandelion Racing
  • Naoki Yamamoto: Nakajima Racing → ​​Mugen Team

Driver who went and returned to the Formula Nippon:

  • Andrea Caldarelli: Italian Formula 3 Championship (Prema Junior) → Kondō Racing
  • Alexandre Imperatori: Japanese Formula 3 Championship ( Toda Racing) → SGC by KCMG
  • Takashi Kobayashi: Japanese Formula 3 Championship ( HFDP Racing) → Real Racing
  • Yuji Kunimoto: Japanese Formula 3 Championship ( Petronas Team TOM 'S) Project → μ / Cerumo · Inging
  • Hideki Mutoh: IndyCar Series ( Newman / Haas Racing) → Real Racing
  • Daisuke Nakajima: British Formula 3 Championship ( Raikkonen Robertson Racing) → Nakajima Racing
  • Kazuki Nakajima: break → Petronas Team TOM'S
  • Kōki Saga: Japanese Formula 3 Championship ( Team Denso Le Bandol ) → Le Beausset Motorsports

Drivers who do not have a contract for a race seat in 2011:

  • Kei Cozzolino
  • Loïc Duval
  • Katsuyuki Hiranaka
  • Yuji Ide
  • Tsugio Matsuda

Race Calendar

The 2011 season consisted of seven races. Addition took place after the season not to the championship scoring run, the Fuji Sprint Cup 2011, held in Fuji. The first race of the season at Suzuka was originally scheduled for April 17. Due to the Tohoku earthquake of 2011 and its consequences, the race was postponed to May 15. The planned for this weekend race at Motegi was rescheduled to another date. In the further course of the season was another race, the second race in Suzuka, canceled due to a severe tropical storm.

* The Fuji Sprint Cup on November 13 does not count for the championship.


Points system

The points were awarded according to the following scheme:

Drivers' championship

  • Fat - Pole Position
  • Italics - Fastest lap
  • * - Because of the short distance but not counted in the target,