2012–13 Croatian Ice Hockey League season

The 2012/13 season was the 22nd season of the Croatian Hockey League, the highest Croatian Hockey League. It was attended by four teams, champion KHL Medveščak Zagreb II

  • 3.1 Semi-finals
  • 3.2 final

Participants and mode

New addition to the four Croatian participants last year took part in a team from Slovenia, the HDK Maribor. After the first round with twelve games Croatian participants were only allowed so that INA Sisak Maribor replaced in the second round with six games per team. In addition, there were graded according to the ranking bonus points for the participants of the first round. All four participants in the second round qualified for the play-offs to the Croatian championship.

Main Round

First round

Abbreviations: Pl = Place, Sp = Matches, W = Wins, OTS = Wins after Overtime ( Overtime ), OTN = Losses after Overtime, L = Loss

Second Round



  • KHL Mladost Zagreb - KHL Zagreb 2:0 ( 7:3, 11:2 )
  • KHL Medveščak Zagreb II - INA Sisak 2:0 ( 5:0 rating, rating 5-0 )


  • KHL Medveščak Zagreb II - KHL Mladost Zagreb 3:2 ( 6:5, 3:8, 3:8, 5:3, 7:3)


  • Best Goalkeeper: Tihomir Filipec ( KHL Medveščak Zagreb II)
  • Top scorer: Tomislav Čunko ( KHL Mladost Zagreb), 47 points scorer
  • Most valuable player: Tomislav Čunko ( KHL Mladost Zagreb)