2012–13 Euroleague

The 2012/13 season was the 13th season of the ULEB Euro League ( officially Turkish Airlines Euro League), the most important club competition in European basketball. The qualifying tournament takes place from 25 to 28 September 2012 at the Italian Desio, the main round started on 19 October 2012, and ended with the Final Four in May 2013 at London's The O2.

  • 4.2.1 Group E
  • 4.2.2 Group F
  • 4.4.1 Semi-finals
  • 4.4.2 3rd place match
  • 4.4.3 final
  • 5.1 MVP of the Euro League season
  • 5.2 Final Four MVP
  • 5.3 All Euro League First Team
  • 5.4 All Euro League Second Team
  • 5.5 Best Defender
  • 5.6 Rising Star Trophy
  • 5.7 Alphonso Ford Top Scorer Trophy


23 Of the 24 participating in the Euro League teams were qualified directly for the group stage, another court participation has been played in an additional qualifying round. 14 directly qualified teams are in possession of a long-term awarded A license, which before the season changed one of these licenses Lottomatica Roma to EA7 Armani Jeans Milan; eight other teams qualified through their placement in national or supranational leagues in the preseason and were limited in scope to the 2012/13 season B license. The winning the Euro Cup was limited in the previous year C license had been vacant since the Russian Eurocup winner BK Khimki was already qualified on a B license. This C license was therefore awarded as a wildcard at the German representatives Alba Berlin .. The qualifying round was reduced from 16 teams to eight, with only the winner of the tournament was given a starting place for the regular season. The seven other teams started in Eurocup 2012/13.

The 24 teams were divided into four groups of six teams, each team one home and away game against every other team in the round robin tournament mode (English round robin ) denied. The top four teams from each group were allocated into two groups, the second group phase, in which each also denied any team a home and away game against every other team. The seedings for the draw for the second group stage corresponded to the rankings in the first round. The top-ranked four teams in the second group stage qualify for the knockout stage, which is played as a play-off in the " Best-of -Five" mode. The four by putting teams will qualify for the Final Four tournament at The O2 in London, where the semi-final and final matches and the game will be played for the third place. These games are simple all-in - games.

Participants in the main round

1: Previous year placement in the national leagues 2: Qualified by transfer of the A- license Lottomatica Rome 3: Qualifies as winner of Euro League season 2011/12 4: Qualified by transfer of Eurocupsieger - C license as a wild card 5: Qualified by the placement in the Adriatic Basketball Association


A total of eight teams from different countries competed in the competition at a launch site in the main round, among them were also two teams that had played in the previous season, at least until the second group stage. By assigning a wild card of the quarter-finalists last year UNICS Kazan took part in this qualification, and Top16 - year participants Mapooro Cantu, who acted as host to the qualifying weekend in Desio.

Main Round

Preliminary round

The preliminary round was played between 11th October and 14th December 2012. For the group rankings not the whole point basket ratio, but only the added result in a direct comparison of the teams was crucial to each other in teams with the same number of victories.

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Second round

The second round was played between the 27th December 2012, and April 5, 2013. Just like in the first round was for the group rankings on teams with the same number of victories is not the whole point basket ratio, but only the added result in a direct comparison of teams among themselves decisive.

Group E

Group F


In the mode " Best-of -Five" were the remaining eight teams into four team matches against each other. The group winners and runners-up from the second phase enjoyed attend a possibly needed fifth playoff home advantage. The four teams that decide these duels for themselves qualified, for the Final Four tournament. The games were held from 9 to 26 April 2013.

Final Four

In a tournament that was held between the 10th and 12th May 2013 for The O2 in London, were each two teams in the semi-finals against each other. The winners qualified for the finals, which spawned the winner of the ULEB Euro League.


The semi-finals were held on May 10, 2013.

3rd Place Match

The 3rd place match took place on 12 May 2013.


The final took place on 12 May 2013.


MVP of the Euro League season

  • Greece Vasilis Spanoulis ( Olympiakos Piraeus)

Final Four MVP

  • Greece Vasilis Spanoulis ( Olympiakos Piraeus)

All Euro League First Team

  • Croatia Ante Tomic (FC Barcelona)
  • Serbia Nenad Krstic ( CSKA Moscow )
  • Spain Rudy Fernández (Real Madrid)
  • Greece Dimitrios Diamantidis (Panathinaikos Athens )
  • Greece Vasilios Spanoulis ( Olympiakos Piraeus)

All Euro League Second Team

  • Nikola Mirotic Spain (Real Madrid)
  • Russia Viktor Chrjapa ( CSKA Moscow )
  • United States Shawn James ( Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv)
  • Serbia Miloš Teodosić ( CSKA Moscow )
  • Spain Juan Carlos Navarro (FC Barcelona)

Best defender

  • Gabon Stephane Lasme (Panathinaikos Athens )

Rising Star Trophy

  • Greece Kostas Papanikolaou ( Olympiakos Piraeus)

Alphonso Ford Top Scorer Trophy

  • United States Bobby Brown ( Montepaschi Siena)