2012–13 Montenegrin Second League

The Crnogorska Druga Liga 2012/13 is the seventh season of the second highest Montenegrin Football League. The season began on 19 August 2012 and ended on April 9, 2013, the 30th and final day.

Last year's winner is the FK Čelik Nikšić.


Made of the highest Montenegrin League rose in the 2011/12 season from the FK Decic Tuzi, FK and FK Berane Bokelj Kotor. For increased the master of Crnogorska Druga Liga 2011/12, the FK Čelik Nikšić, and the second and third-placed FK Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje and FK Mornar Bar in the Prva Crnogorska league. The transition to the third division had to compete according to the season 2011/12 FK Petnjica and FK COM Podgorica. The rise of the treca Crnogorska League 2011/12 FK Arsenal Tivat and managed the FK Zora Spuž.

The OFK Bar were withdrawn early in the season three points and then this came to no game more and got down forcibly.

Teams 2012/13

To participate in the Druga Crnogorska league in the 2012/13 season following eleven clubs in part:

  • FK Berane
  • FK Bratstvo Cijevna
  • FK Iskra Danilovgrad
  • OFK Igalo
  • FK Bokelj Kotor
  • FK Jezero Plav
  • FK Ibar Rožaje
  • FK Zora Spuž
  • FK Arsenal Tivat
  • FK Decic Tuzi
  • FK Zabjelo

Final Table

Play off

The the end of the regular season and tenth- elftplatzierten first division teams played in a round-trip game against the third - and second-placed teams from the second division. Both Erstligateams managed to avoid relegation.