2012–13 Serie B

The Serie B 2012/13 was the 81st season of the second highest Italian football league since its first-run in 1929. As relegated from Serie A AC Cesena and Novara Calcio came. The third relegated team, the U.S. Lecce had to descend due to the involvement in the Italian match-fixing scandal in the third-class Lega Pro Prima Divisione. This was allowed to remain in Serie B Vicenza Calcio, although they lost in the play-offs against relegation FC Empoli. Likewise, as forced relegated stable U.S. Grosseto, however, was on appeal to prevent this, so that they remained second-rate for another year. As a climber, the SS Virtus Lanciano, FC Pro Vercelli, Spezia Calcio and Calcio Ternana came from the Lega Pro Prima Divisione in the series B.

In the course of manipulation and betting scandal in Italy for the 2012/ 13 of AS Bari seven points, the U.S. Grosseto were six points, Novara three points, the FC Crotone, FC Modena and Reggina Calcio two points and Ascoli Calcio and the AS Varese 1910, a point deducted.

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In the play-offs in the semifinals to play first the AS Livorno in third place against Brescia Calcio as Sixth and Fourth, FC Empoli, against the fifth, Novara Calcio, in home and away matches. The winners of the semi-finals play in the final turn, then in Return Match for verbeleibenden in Serie A. In a draw game from two games not decide which shot more away goals, but the higher place in the table. The winner of a game is written in bold.



Cross Table

The cross table presents the results of all games this season represents the home team is listed in the left column and the visiting team in the top row.

Top scorers

With the same number of goals, the players are sorted alphabetically by last name or artist name.

Champion team

  • Goal Mirko Pigliacelli (1 game / no goal ); Alberto Pomini (41 / -)
  • Defenders: Luca Antei (2 / - ); Paolo Bianco (34 / - ); Paolo Frascatore (11 / -); Marcello Garzolla (32/ 1); Lorenzo Laverone (14 / - ); Alessandro Longhi (40/ 1); Lino Marzorati (19 / - ); Emanuele Terranova (37/ 11)
  • Midfielders: Tommaso Bianchi (30/ 4); Raman Chibsah (28/ 2); Karim Laribi (8 / - ); Francesco Magnanelli (40/ 1); Simone Missiroli (37 (6); Michele Troiano (30/ 2), Carl Valeri ( 3/1)
  • Attack: Domenico Berardi (37/ 11); Richmond Boakye (31/ 11); Andrea Catellani (34/ 6); Gaetano Masucci (14/ 4); Leonardo Pavoletti (33/ 11); Gennaro Troianello (29/ 5)
  • Coach Eusebio Di Francesco