2012 Afghan Premier League

The Roshan Afghan Premier League 2012 was the first season of the highest Afghan soccer division of Lords. Champion this season was Tofan Harirod with a 2-1 victory in the final against Simorgh Alborz.

The season began on 18 September 2012 with the play De Maiwand Atalan against Shaheen Asmayee (3:1) and ended with the final on 19 October, 2012. Third place was De Maiwand Atalan. A total of eight teams participated in the 2012 season.

The biggest win of the 2012 season was the sensational 10:0 of Tofan Harirod against De Spinghar Bazan in the semifinals (12 October 2012), which was the highest-scoring match of the season at the same time.

  • 3.1 Semi-finals
  • 3.2 3rd place match
  • 3.3 final
  • 4.1 Goals
  • 4.2 Own goals
  • 5.1 champion and runners
  • 5.2 Player of the Season
  • 5.3 Golden Shoe


The Afghan Premier League is the successor to the Afghanistan Premier League. To find the players for the clubs in the 2012 season, the Afghanistan Football Federation was from a talent show.

Group stage

There are two groups of four participants. Within each group, each team plays every other team. Play the first two teams qualified for the semifinals. The ranking of the teams in the preliminary round groups arises in the following order:

Group A

As a group, first the semi-finals De Maiwand Atalan could move. After two commanding victories against Shaheen Asmayee (3:1) and De Abasin Sape (3-0) you got a draw in the top Group A match against De Spinghar Bazan (1:1). Thanks to the goal difference they were able to head this group.

Second group was Spinghar De Bazan. After two 1-0 wins against De Abasin Sape and Shaheen Asmayee you could semi-finals after a draw against the First De Maiwand Atalan (1:1).

The team from the region around Kabul, Shaheen Asmayee, lost the first two games against the top clubs De Maiwand Atalan and De Spinghar Bazan with 1:3 and 0:1, with Mujtaba Faiz against De Spinghar Bazan underwent an own goal in the 0-1. In the last game against De Abasin Sape you could win 3-0, but since they were eliminated from the tournament before the game, the victory has nothing changed on the table constellation.

As a group, Last De Abasin Sape was eliminated from the tournament. During the three games, the team could not score shoot and won none, and had to head home with a goal difference of -7.

Group B

Sovereign as their group was able to prevail Tofan Harirod in group B. With 12 goals the team scored around their striker Hamidullah Karimi, who contributed seven goals, the only team on seven goals. In all three games against Simorgh Alborz, Oqaban Hindukush and Mawjhai Amu could score four goals and conceding only one against Alborz.

As a group, Second Simorgh Alborz moved into the semi-finals. While they lost the first game against Tofan Harirod with 1:4, they won the next two games 4-2 against Mawjhai Amu, which was also the highest-scoring encounter in the APL in 2012, and 2-1 against Oqaban Hindukush.

While Oqaban Hindukush could still get a 2-2 draw on the opening day, they lost the second game against Tofan Harirod unceremoniously with 0:4. So you had to win against Simorgh Alborz to feed into the final round. But this game was lost 2-1. In the last minute of injury time, Ezmarai Salangi made ​​a misfire when he umtrat with a frustration foul his opponent, and he saw the red card.

Mawjhai Amu resigned as bottom of Group B of the tournament. After a fortunate 2-2 draw at the beginning of the season we conceded a 2:4 defeat against Simorgh Alborz, where the initial leadership did nothing. In the last game they lost 0-4 against high earned Tofan Harirod and had to compete in the Northeast the journey home.

Final round


3rd Place Match


Top scorers


Own goals


Champion and runners

The Master Tofan Harirod received the Master Cup after the ceremony by a representative of Afghan Premier League. In addition, the crews of the three winners Tofan Harirod, Simorgh Alborz and De Maiwand Atalan each received 20 medals in gold, silver or bronze and 250,000, 500,000 or 750,000 Afghani ( equivalent to approximately 3,600, 7,250 and 10,800 euros ).

Player of the Season

Marouf Mohammadi was voted the best player of the season ( " Player of the Tournament" ) is selected, and received for this price 50,000 Afghani (about 724 euros ).

Golden Shoe

Hamidullah Karimi won the golden shoe ( " Golden Boot" ) and 50,000 Afghani premium (about 724 euros ).

There was also, inter alia, various smaller prizes for the referees.

Full Time

→ When the goals and points to the final round is involved.

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  • Mohamad Faiz Faizi scored a game of De Maiwand Atalan against Shaheen Asmayee (3:1), the first goal of the history of the Afghan Premier League when he dusted off the ball after a shot by Ahmad Mohammadzai in the 18th minute.
  • Mujtaba Faiz scored a game of Shaheen Asmayee against De Spinghar Bazan ( 0:1), the first own goal of the history of APL when his rescue attempt in the 54th minute ended up in front of goal in his own goal.
  • Waheedullah Nadim scored a game of Simorgh Alborz against Tofan Harirod (1:4), the first penalty in the Premier League history when he (as seen by the keeper ) in the 34th minute the ball into the bottom right corner einnetzte.
  • Ezmarai Salangi conceded during a match of Oqaban Hindukush against Simorgh Alborz (1:2), the first red card of the history of APL, as he umtrat in the 90th 4 minutes with the score at 1:2 opponent Omid Nasib.
  • Marouf Mohammadi scored in the final of Tofan Harirod against Simorgh Alborz (2:1) the fastest goal of the Afghan Premier League history when he already carried the ball into the goal after 20 seconds.