2012 Formula Nippon season

The Formula Nippon 2012 season was the 26th season of Formula Nippon. It included a total of seven race weekends. The season started on April 15 and ended on November 4 at Suzuka.

  • 3.1 Points system
  • 3.2 Drivers' Championship

Teams and Drivers

  • S: Participation in the Fuji Sprint Cup 2012

Changes in drivers

The following list contains all the drivers who took part in the Formula Nippon 2011 season and did not start in the 2012 season for the same team as in 2011.

Drivers who have changed their team:

  • Kohei Hirate: Team Impul → Project μ / Cerumo · Inging
  • Tsugio Matsuda: SGC by KCMG → Team Impul

Driver who went and returned to the Formula Nippon:

  • Loïc Duval: Super GT ( Weider Honda Racing) → Team Kygnus Sunoco
  • Toshihiro Kaneishi: Super GT ( Keihin Real Racing ) → HP Real Racing
  • Yuhki Nakayama: Super GT ( Nakajima Racing) → HP Real Racing
  • Ryō Orime: Super GT ( SG CHANGI ) → SGC by KCMG
  • Takuma Satō: IndyCar Series (KV Racing Technology ) → Mugen Team
  • Hironobu Yasuda: Japanese Formula 3 Championship ( Three Bond Racing) → Kondō Racing

Drivers who do not have a contract for a race seat in 2012:

  • Takashi Kobayashi
  • Hideki Muto

Race Calendar

The 2012 season consisted of eight races. Addition took place after the season not to the championship scoring run, the Fuji Sprint Cup 2012, held in Fuji.

* The Fuji Sprint Cup on November 18 did not count for the championship.


Points system

The points were awarded according to the following scheme:

Drivers' championship

  • Fat - Pole Position
  • Italics - Fastest lap
  • * - Because of the short distance but not counted in the target,