2012 Formula Renault 3.5 Series season

The Formula Renault 3.5 2012 season was the 15th season of the main series of World Series by Renault, which was held for the 8th time as Formula Renault 3.5. It began on May 5 in Alcaniz and ended on 21 October in Barcelona.

  • 2.1 Changes to the drivers
  • 2.2 Amendments to the teams
  • 2.3 Changes during the season
  • 4.1 Points system
  • 4.2 Drivers' Championship

Rule Changes

Technical changes

The current Dallara chassis has been replaced by the new Dallara chassis T12. As a new engine, a 530 hp (400 kW) 3.5 -liter V8 engine from the British manufacturer Zytek has been introduced. The vehicle received a new gearbox from Ricardo and had a Drag Reduction System ( DRS ), which was introduced in the Formula 1 2011 season in motorsport. The new car is equipped with a weight of 610 kg 15 kg lighter than its predecessor, the engine is stronger by 50 hp.

The development of test drives conducted Romain Grosjean, Ben Hanley and Andy Souček by.

Teams and Drivers

All teams used the chassis Dallara T12, Zytek engines and Michelin tires.

Changes in drivers

The following list contains all the drivers who took part in the Formula Renault 3.5 season in 2011 and did not start in the 2012 season for the same team as in 2011.

Drivers who have changed their team:

Driver who went and returned to the Formula Renault 3.5:

  • Daniel Abt: Formula 3 Euro Series (Signature) → Tech 1 Racing
  • Zoel Amberg: GP3 Series ( Atech CRS Grand Prix) → Pons Racing
  • Jules Bianchi: GP2 Series ( Lotus ART) → Tech 1 Racing
  • Sam Bird: GP2 Series ( iSport International) → ISR
  • Yann Cunha: British Formula 3 Championship ( T-Sport ) → Pons Racing
  • António Félix da Costa: GP3 Series ( Status Grand Prix) → Arden Caterham
  • Lucas Foresti: British Formula 3 Championship ( Fortec Motorsport) → DAMS
  • Frijns: Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 (Josef Kaufmann Racing ) → Fortec Motorsport
  • Vittorio Ghirelli: GP3 Series ( Addax Team ) → Comtec Racing
  • Carlos Huertas: British Formula 3 Championship (Carlin ) → Fortec Motorsport
  • Kevin Magnussen: British Formula 3 Championship (Carlin ) → Carlin
  • Nikolai Marzenko: German Formula 3 Cup ( Max Travin Racing Team) → BVM Target
  • Nigel Melker: GP3 Series (RSC Mücke Motorsport) → Lotus
  • Nico Müller: GP3 Series ( Jenzer Motorsport) → International Draco Racing
  • Tamás Pál Kiss: GP3 series ( Tech 1 Racing) → BVM Target
  • Davide Rigon: GP2 Series ( Scuderia Coloni ) → BVM Target
  • Sergei Sirotkin: Formula Abarth ( Euro Nova Racing by Fortec ) → BVM Target
  • Marco Sørensen: German Formula 3 Cup ( Brandl Motorsport) → Lotus
  • Richie Stanaway: German Formula 3 Cup ( Van Amersfoort Racing) → Lotus
  • Will Stevens: Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup ( Fortec Motorsport) → Carlin
  • Aaro Vainio: GP3 series ( Tech 1 Racing) → Team RFR
  • Giovanni Venturini: Auto GP ( Griffitz Durango ) → BVM Target

Drivers who have left the Formula Renault 3.5:

Drivers who do not have a contract for a race seat in 2012:

Changes the teams

18 teams competed for a starting place for the 2012 season Additional 12 teams ( BVM Target, Carlin, Comtec Racing, EPIC Racing, Fortec Motorsport, Gravity -. Charouz, International Draco Racing, ISR, KMP Racing, P1 Motorsport, Pons Racing and Tech 1 Racing ), who entered also as early as 2011, were the Arden International and DAMS in GP2, Atech Reid GP from the Superleague Formula, Koiranen Motorsport in the formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup and the Max Travin Racing Team and Van Amersfoort Racing from the German Formula 3 Cup.

13 teams were registered for the 2012 season. Of the recent racing stables EPIC Racing was not selected. Arden International and DAMS won the bid for entry into the Formula Renault 3.5. EPIC Racing and Koiranen Motorsport were nominated as substitutes.

Mofaz Racing not competed for a starting place, because financing could not be guaranteed. The team's racing driver Fairuz Fauzy of Malaysia's family came from 2009 to 2011 in the Formula Renault 3.5 at.

In mid-February gave Arden announced a collaboration with the Caterham Motorsport team, the 2012 took as Arden in the GP2 Series, and is also active in Formula 1. The joint project participated in the Formula Renault 3.5 under the name Arden Caterham Motorsport.

KMP Racing was called in February to RFR. RFR is an abbreviation of Russia France and Russian Racing Force Racing. The staff of the racing team changed almost completely. In the long term, a technical team sought by Teammitbesitzer Dmitry Sapgir, which consists exclusively of Russian engineers.

Operated by Charouz Racing System team Gravity - Charouz Racing entered the 2012 season with support from Lotus Cars as Lotus.

Changes during the season

  • Richie Stanaway broke in an accident at Spa -Francorchamps two vertebrae and fell for the rest of the season out. César Ramos was eventually taken as a substitute for Lotus under contract.
  • Lewis Williamson was after he had stayed on the first three race weekends with no points, replaced by António Félix da Costa. Williamson also lost his place in the support program of the beverage company Red Bull also went to this Félix da Costa.

Race Calendar

The race calendar of the 2012 season was released on 10 October 2011. It consisted of nine race weekends at which took place two races each. The race at Silverstone, which was held together with the ELMS, and the race in Monte Carlo, which was held as part of the Formula 1, were not part of the World Series by Renault, the 2012, the other seven events included.

For the first time an event at the Moscow Raceway was held in Russia. In Monza, however, no race was held.


Points system

The points were awarded in all races according to the following scheme:

Drivers' championship

  • Fat - Pole Position
  • Italics - Fastest lap
  • * - Because of the short distance but not counted in the target,