2013 Afghan Premier League

The Roshan Afghan Premier League 2013 was the second season of the highest Afghan soccer division of Lords. Titleholder was Tofan Harirod, Master Shaheen Asmayee was after a 3-1 win after extra time in the final against Simorgh Alborz.

The season began on 22 August 2013, the game Tofan Harirod against De Spinghar Bazan (5-0 ) and ended with the final on 11 October 2013.

The biggest wins of the 2013 season were the 5-0 victory of Tofan Harirod and Simorgh Alborz each against De Spinghar Bazan on 22 August and 5 September. The highest-scoring match of the season was the 5-1 victory of Oqaban Hindukush against De Abasin Sape on September 12.

  • 3.1 Semi-finals
  • 3.2 3rd place match
  • 3.3 final
  • 5.1 champion and runners
  • 5.2 Player of the Season
  • 5.3 Golden Shoe
  • 7.1 scandals
  • 7.2 Use of non-gambling eligible players


The Afghan Premier League, which was played in the preseason for the first time, is the successor to the Afghanistan Premier League.

The season should be carried out in three rounds. In order to expand the league, regional tournaments were held to determine teams for the eight participants in the first round. Again provided each region a team that were determined in May and June 2013.

Group stage

There are two groups of four participants. Within each group, each team plays every other team. Play the first two teams qualified for the semifinals. The ranking of the teams in the preliminary round groups arises in the following order:

Group A

Group B

Final round


3:1 aet (1:0, 2:1)

3rd Place Match


Top scorers


Champion and runners

The Master Shaheen Asmayee received the Master Cup after the ceremony by a representative of Afghan Premier League. In addition, the crews of the three winners Shaheen Asmayee, Simorgh Alborz and Tofan Harirod received medals in gold, silver or bronze and 750,000, 500,000 or 250,000 Afghani ( equivalent to approximately 3,600, 7,250 and 10,800 euros ).

Player of the Season

Hashmatullah Barekzai was voted the best player of the season ( " Player of the Tournament" ) and was nominated for this award 50,000 Afghani (about 724 euros ).

Golden Shoe

Hamidullah Karimi and Hashmatullah Barekazi received the golden shoe ( " Golden Boot" ) and 50,000 Afghani premium (about 724 euros ), which they shared.

There was also, inter alia, various smaller prizes for the referees.

Full Time

→ When the goals and points to the final round is involved.



During the game of De Maiwand Atalan against Oqaban Hindukush it came in the 85th minute of the game to a scandal: After a foul by Mohammad Younis on opposing strikers the defender however, got the first yellow card, shortly after the red card. Younis hit the referee then in the face. After a confrontation, also saw the red card for offending at the Faiz Mohammad Faizi, the game was stopped and counted 2-1 for Oqaban Hindukush.

Four days later, Younis, Faizi and goalkeeper Abdul Qaium Sepan, also because referee insult excluded from the disciplinary committee of the AFF for two years and De Maiwand Atalan trainer Mukhtar Raufi for four years from the game.

Use of non- players eligible players