2013 FIBA Americas Championship

The basketball Americas Championship 2013 ( officially: Campeonato FIBA Americas 2013 ( english The FIBA Americas Championship 2013) ) was the 16th edition of this tournament and was held from August 30 to September 11, 2013, the Venezuelan capital Caracas instead. In the tournament, it was next to the continental championship for national representative teams of men of the Continental Association FIBA Americas at the same time in order to qualify for the FIBA World Championship in 2014. Among the ten participating teams, the four semi-finalists qualified directly for the World Championships. As Olympic champion United States were already directly qualified for the World Championships, was dispensed to participate in the Continental Championships. The games were only played in Poliedro de Caracas. For the first time at a Grand Slam Tournament, the selection of Mexico won the title.

  • 3.1 Group A
  • 3.2 Group B


The qualification is based on the regional subzones of the Continental Association. Qualified in addition to the North American Teams United States and Canada, the medal winners of the last preceding Central America Cup " Centro Basket" and Basketball South American Championship. Is the host of the America Cup set among the semi-finalists of this regional championships or as North American participants, as well as all semi-finalists are qualified for the continental championships.

North America

  • Canada Canada

Central America & the Caribbean

  • Dominican Republic Dominican Republic (winner CentroBasket 2012)
  • Puerto Rico Puerto Rico ( Centro Basket Finalist 2012)
  • Jamaica Jamaica ( bronze medal CentroBasket 2012)
  • Mexico Mexico (winner Campeonato FIBA COCABA 2013, and substitutes for Panama Panama)

South America

  • Argentina Argentina ( defending champion & Campeonato Sudamericano 2012)
  • Venezuela Venezuela ( host & Finalist Campeonato Sudamericano 2012)
  • Uruguay Uruguay ( Bronze Campeonato Sudamericano 2012)
  • Brazil Brazil ( Semifinalist in 2012 Campeonato Sudamericano & substitutes for the host already qualified silver medalist )
  • Paraguay Paraguay (fifth Campeonato Sudamericano 2012 & substitutes for the United States, United States)


At the tournament in a preliminary round was held two groups of five teams as a round-robin tournament. The two lowest-ranked teams in the first round and then eliminated from the tournament, while the other teams playing off taking with their preliminaries results a second round as a continuation of the round tournament against the top four teams of the other preliminary round group. The top four teams this intermediate round qualified for the World Championships and played in the final round in the knockout system, the medals of the continental championships among themselves.

Preliminary round

The preliminary round matches took place between 30 August and 3 September 2013.

Group A

Group B

* The game against Paraguay Dominican Republic had to be abandoned before the end due to a power failure at the score of 54:83 four minutes and 23 seconds. The game was not resumed and went with this result in the standings. The defeat of Paraguay that meant leaving the team after the first round of the tournament, so the actual result was also irrelevant for the playing of the second round.

Second round

The matches of the second round, which determine the four participants in the World Championships, took place between the fifth and eighth September 2013. The battered results of the preliminary round are indicated in italics.

Medal round

The games of the medal round took place on the tenth and eleventh September 2013.