2013 German Athletics Championships

The 113 German Athletics Championships were held on July 6th and 7th 2013 in Ulm Donau Stadium.

List of winners

Another championship competitions

Some disciplines are not held within the framework of the German Championships, but at other times and in other places. In 2013, these are:

German Cross Championships

Among the athletics disciplines in the winter include not only the hall competitions and some Winterthrow events, but also the cross runs. The German Championships in Cross Country took place in Dornstetten on 9 March 2013. The men took off on a long distance of approximately 10 km and a middle distance of approximately 4.3 km. The women ran a distance of approximately 6.2 km. German masters were in the men's middle distance Florian Orth (LG Telis financial Regensburg ), on long-haul Richard Ringer ( LC VfB Friedrichshafen) and among women Eleni Gebrehiwot (TV Wattenscheid 01).

German 100km road race championships

The first championship after the winter season is the road race over 100 km. The championship was held in Kienbaum on 13 April 2013. Champion with the men was André Collet from Aachen TG with a time of 6:56:22 hours. German champion of women was Pamela Veith TSV Kuster things. She reached the target after 8:10:53 hours.

German tourers Championships over 20km

The championship competitions of the walker over the shorter 20 km distance were held on 28 April 2013 Naumburg. To champion honors came in the men's Christopher left from SC Potsdam in a time of 1:23:37 hours. However, the U23 - goers Hagen Pohle from the same club was a minute faster. German champion of women was Bianca Schenker from the LG Vogtland with a time of 1:44:36 hours.

German Endurance Championships

The Championships over the longest distance stadium of 10,000 m were held in Bremen on May 4, 2013. For men won Homiyu Tesfaye (LG Eintracht Frankfurt) in a time of 29:08,44 minutes. German champion of women was Eleni Gebrehiwot (TV Wattenscheid 01) in 32:26,92 minutes.

German Championships in Track Walk

The Championships in Track Walk took place in Jiiterbog on 22 June 2013. Champion in the 10,000 m Track Walk Christopher was left from SC Potsdam with a time of 39:13,38 minutes.

German -around championships

The German Championships of more fighters were held on 24 and 25 August in position. It won the decathlon Arthur Abele from SSV Ulm 1846 with 8251 points. The heptathlon won Carolin Schäfer ( LG Eintracht Frankfurt) with 5804 points.

German road race championships over 10 km

At the end of the outdoor season found on 21 September 2013, the German Road Race Championships held over the distance of 10 km Bobingen. On the men won by Rico Black ASV Erfurt in 29:40 minutes. German champion of women was Mockenhaupt from the LG victory in 32:34 minutes.

German Mountain Running Championships

The German Championships 2013 in the mountain run took place in the framework of the traditional high Fellberg run on 29 September 2013. Over a distance of 8.9 kilometers in 1074 meters of altitude had to be overcome to the summit of the Hochfelln. German mountain running champion Anton Palzer of the SK Ramsau. In the women came Birgit Unterberger OSC Berlin to championship honors.

German Marathon Championships

The German Championships in the marathon were held in the framework of the Munich Marathon on 13 October 2013. German champions in men was Frank Schauer of the SC Magdeburg. In the women was German champion Silke Optekamp from PSV Green-White Kassel.

German tourers Championships over 50km

The championships of the walker over the long haul of 50 km were held at the end of the Championship season on 19th October 2013 Gleina. The league title won in 3:57:58 h Carl Dohmann