2013 Meistriliiga

The Meistriliiga 2013 was the 23rd season of the highest Estonian football league of gentlemen. The Estonian Championship was first officially recognized as A. Le Coq Premium liiga discharged, began on March 2 and ended on 9 November 2013, the 36th game day. As defending champion of the JK Nõmme Kalju started in the season. However, the title from the previous year could not defend the club. The Estonian Championship 2013 was prematurely won the 34th game of FC Levadia Tallinn, for which it also meant the 8th title in the club's history.

  • 5.1 scorers

Course of the season

The league consisted of 10 teams as last season. Defending champion was the JK Nõmme Kalju. Up from the Esiliiga FC Infonet Tallinn. The last station was established in the relegation matches in November 2012 JK Tallinna Kalev and between the JK Tarvas Rakvere where last year's Meistriliiga Club prevailed from Tallinn itself.

The Championship was held in a regular time in 2 way and 2 back round games. Each team came here four times against any other team. The-table rose from the subprime Esiliiga, the 9th place finisher played in the relegation. In case of equality was one of the direct comparison.

Even before the start of the league of JK Nõmme Kalju and FC Levadia Tallinn stood in the Supercup match against the Levadia 3-0.

The opening game of the new season was held between Paid Linnameeskond and the defending JK Nõmme Kalju and ended with a 3-2 away win for Nõmme. By a 4-1 win against FC Flora Tallinn JK Tallinna Kalev capital club could übernehemen the standings on Matchday 1, and hold until the 8th game day, except 3rd Round than FC Levadia Tallinn stood at the top. From the 9th Round Nõmme Kalju stood at the front, but was ousted from matchday 15 of Levadia. In the rest of the season to Levadia sat firmly at the top. The 34th game Levadia could prematurely win the eighth championship title in Estonia after defeated FC Infonet 3-0. As a sports relegated to the Esiliiga FC Kuressaare was already decided who could collect only 11 points. At the relegation took the JK Tammeka Tartu part of playing against the JK Tarvas Rakvere and decided this for themselves. Scorer with 23 goals scored by Vladimir Voskoboinikov the first time since the 2010 season again Este.




  • FC Flora Tallinn
  • FC Levadia Tallinn
  • JK Nõmme Kalju


At the end of the regular season, the ninth -placed of the Meistriliiga, JK Tammeka Tartu was up against the runner-up of Esiliiga, the JK Tarvas Rakvere in the relegation. The games were held on 17 and 23 November, 2013 with the first second division side had home advantage. With two wins ( 2-1, 4-1 ) which has been trained by the German Uwe Erkenbrecher by the Association of Tartu, the class could be maintained. For the JK Tarvas Rakvere it was after the relegation matches in 2012 was the second missed rise as a result.

Cross Table

The cross table presents the results of all games this season represents the home team is listed in the left column, the visiting team on the top line. The teams play each 4 times against each other so that a total of 36 games are to complete two home and two away games.

Top scorers

Coaching change

The champion team of FC Levadia Tallinn

( Taking into account were players with at least one application; provided in parentheses to the appearances and goals are specified)

  • Goal: Roman Smishko (32/ 0), Priit Pikker (5/ 0)
  • Defense: Artyom Artjunin (32 /2), Aleksandr Kulinitš (26/ 0), Maksim Podholjuzin (36/ 3), Aleksei Jahhimovitš (33 /1), Dmitri Kruglov (15/ 4), Artur Pikk (31 /1), Oleksandr Volchkov ( 13/1)
  • Midfielder Marek Kaljumäe ( 24/3 ), Andreas Raudsepp (28 /2), Ilya Antonov ( 30/1), Aleksandr Dmitriev (22/ 0), Andero Pebre (16/ 0), Igor Subbotin (30 /8)
  • Attack: Rimo Hunt (34 /22), Erkki Junolainen (1/ 0), Kaspar Paur ( 4/1), Sviatoslav Yakovlev (3/ 0), Nikita Kolyaev (13/ 4), Artur Rättel (26/ 9) Ingemar Teever (25/ 6)
  • Coach: Marko Kristal

Awards during the season