2014 Algarve Cup

The Algarve Cup 2014 was the 21st playout of annually since 1994 discharged and most important after the Olympic Tournament Women, the World and European Championships women's football tournament for national teams and took from 5 to March 12, 2014 as previously at various venues in the Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal instead. At the tournament took part six teams from the top 10 of the FIFA world rankings. The tournament also served as preparation for possible referees and assistant in for the U -20 World Cup 2014 and World Cup 2015. At the tournament and electronic systems should be tested for performance monitoring that are worn by the players in the form of electronic chips and other small devices.

Venues were the Algarve Stadium in Faro and other places in the Algarve.


The tournament was attended by twelve national teams. The eight highest -assessed Teams bildetenn groups A and B, the four weaker teams the group C. First, the teams played in their group against each of the placement. It is initially the best score, then the direct comparison and only then the goal difference for the placement critical. Thereafter, proceed as follows:

  • Place play- 11: The third and fourth-placed team in the group C.
  • Place game 9: The second- placed team in Group C against the poorer fourth- placed team of Group A or Group B.
  • Place play- 7: Winner of Group C against the better fourth -placed team of Group A or Group B.
  • Match for 5th place: The third-placed teams in Groups A and B.
  • 3rd Place Match: The second-placed teams in Groups A and B.
  • Finals: The winners of Groups A and B will play for the tournament title.

Stand it in a draw within regular time of placement matches, followed no extension, but right after a penalty shootout.

The tournament

All times are Central European Time ( CET), which corresponds to the local time ( UTC ± 0), or Coordinated Universal Time plus one hour.

Group stage

Group A

Group B

Group C

Placement matches

Place play- 11

Place play- 9

Game for 7th place

Match for 5th place

3rd Place Match




  • Best player: Dzsenifer Marozsán ( Germany )
  • Fairest Team: Japan


  • Seventh place is so far the worst position of the United States.
  • During the tournament Annike Krahn, Þóra Björg Helgadóttir and Dóra María Lárusdóttir made ​​her 100th and 200th international match her ​​Heather O'Reilly.
  • Coinciding with the Algarve Cup was held as in previous years, the Cyprus Cup, which was won by France. In addition, a tournament was held again in Istria, but this time with only three teams ( Croatia, Poland and Hungary).
  • The group match between Germany and Norway was conducted by the Romanian referee Cristina Dorcioman, who had also conducted the last European Championship final between the two teams and there had been two penalty kicks for Norway. As early as the second minute of the group match they again gave a penalty for Norway by the longest series of the German team without conceding a goal ( 10 games) has been terminated.

TV schedule

In Germany, Euro Sports has broadcast live with his two channels some games. Among all group matches of the DFB Women and the United States, and two games with world champions Japan. The finale on March 12 was due to the forward shift, as the Japanese television had first window, just at different times and shown with commercial breaks.