2014 World Rally Championship season

The World Rally Championship 2014 is the 42nd FIA World Rally Championship. It started on 16 January in Monte Carlo and lasts until November 16 in the UK. The traditional World Championship race in Greece was replaced by the Rally Poland. Overall, the World Rally Championship has facilities in 13 countries on four continents. After Citroën and Volkswagen, Hyundai is participating with a third factory team in the World Rally Championship.

  • 5.1 Drivers' Championship WRC
  • 5.2 Manufacturers' Championship WRC


Points and penalties

The point system for the first ten drivers is 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1. The same system also applies to the manufacturers' standings, whose teams were enrolled for it. For the Power Stage, the three fastest drivers will each receive 3-2-1 bonus points for the drivers' world championship. If a participant fails to late to a checkpoint or the start of a special stage he gets a time penalty. The stay in the service park is well-defined. If this time period covered, there is also a time penalty.

WRC cars

These vehicles must comply with the new regulations ( RC1).

Volkswagen Polo R WRC

Hyundai i20 WRC

Ford Fiesta RS WRC

Vehicles WRC2

These vehicles must comply with the new regulations ( RC2).

These cars more standard parts must be used and they must therefore be fitted closer not to exceed the maximum price of a vehicle of 180,000 €.

Vehicles WRC3

These vehicles must comply with the new regulations ( RC3 ).

It can smaller vehicles, as well as the older Super 1600 cars and two-wheel- driven rally cars of category A are used.

Rally 2- Regulations

Vehicles due to technical failure or accident retire one day of the rally, but can be repaired, be allowed to start the next day with a time penalty of five minutes for each special stage missed again. You are still able to out down world championship points.

Rule changes from the Rally of Portugal

  • Drivers who are under the Start Rally 2 regulations re entitled to collect in the Power Stage championship points.
  • The drivers that start under the rally -2 regulations, no longer have to be the last in the coming stages, but as the first vehicles.

Teams and Drivers

Course of the season

82 Monte Carlo Rally

Also in 2014, the Monte Carlo Rally was influenced by the weather. On the first day, most drivers have missed in the choice of tires and were Schneemastch with the wrong tires on the road. Bryan Bouffier, in a private Ford Fiesta RS WRC, was in a flawless performance and the right tire, the leader after the first day. World champion Sébastien Ogier came on the second and third day with the changing road conditions along better and overtook Bouffier, who was in second place on the podium at the end of the rally.

62 Rally Sweden

After Sébastien Ogier went off the track and lost over four minutes, the Swedish Rally developed into a duel between Andreas Mikkelsen and Jari -Matti Latvala. On the last day of competition for Volkswagen Latvala made ​​everything clear and won ahead of his teammate Mikkelsen. Mads Østberg ( Citroën DS3 WRC) clocked a good rally, he finished third and won the World Cup three additional points in the Power Stage. The team of Hyundai struggled with technical problems, nevertheless Thierry Neuville marked in two stages, the second best time.

28 Rally Mexico

Sébastien Ogier (Volkswagen ) won the Rally Mexico as in the previous year. Second place went to Jari -Matti Latvala, Ogier 's team-mate for the first time on the podium of the first three, with Thierry Neuville Hyundai. The Ford and Citroen driver, especially Hirvonen and Mads Østberg performed well, but were not rewarded. In the world championship, the Volkswagen drivers set (60 ) from the competition with 30 points Ogier (63 points) and Latvala.

48th Rally of Portugal

For the fourth time won Sébastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia, the co-pilot Rally Portugal. Beginning of the week it was raining heavily in southern Portugal, which the special stages made ​​more difficult. Some of the gravel roads were dry and at other points the driver drove in deep mud. This meant that some drivers were already occupied by the first day of the rally, were allowed to start only under the rally -2- Reglment as a result of accidents in the later stages and with time penalties. Ogier drove to the strategy " angreiffen where you can and otherwise exercise the necessary security ." This was the strategy that had used it for the win.


The Rally New Zealand in 2014 and 2015 do not appear in the rally calendar. The agreement with the organizers of the Rally Australia to vary the host countries annually, expires. In 2015, a similar agreement shall be negotiated again. After the year 2009, the Poland Rally is back to see the calendar. This special stages are driven in neighboring Lithuania in one day. The traditional Rally Greece has not received a World Championship race for the year 2014.


WRC Drivers' Championship

In the World Rally Championship, there are no striking results. Points will be awarded in this season, of which placed first ten drivers according to the following FIA standard. For the Power Stage, the three fastest drivers will each receive 3-2-1 bonus points for the drivers' world championship.

WRC Manufacturers' Championship