228 BC

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Year of The Water Rooster癸酉( at the beginning of the year Water Monkey壬申)

Syria: 84/85 ( year October )


Politics and World Affairs

Eastern Mediterranean

  • From Corfu, the Roman troops go in the First Illyrian War northwards against the positions held by the Illyrian queen Teuta. Apollonia, Dyrrachium and Lissus be taken by the Romans, the Illyrian capital Skutra is besieged. Rome finally defeated the trapped in their capital Skutra Teuta. This must be the oppressed of their Greek cities and the neighboring tribes of Ardiäer and Parthini concede independence, so their rule is limited to the environment Skutras. Rome takes over the protectorate over the coast between Lissus and Phönike and is approved by the Greeks at the Isthmian Games and the Eleusinian Mysteries. The city Epidamnum is renamed by the Romans in Dyrrachium.
  • At the instigation of Aratus of Sicyon the Macedonian garrison withdraws from Athens and Piraeus. At the same time Achaiische collar goes under the strategists Aristomachos of Argos against Sparta before.

Western Mediterranean

  • Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus is Consul of the Roman Republic.
  • The Carthaginians founded in Spain, Carthago Nova ( New Carthage ), today's Cartagena.


  • Attalus I of Pergamum defeated the Seleucid Antiochus pretenders Hierax in Lydia and the river Harpasos in Caria, the Galatians at Pergamon.
  • During the wars of conquest of the State of Qin, which eventually lead to the unification of China under Qin Shi Huang Qin Emperor, Qin defeated his most powerful rival Zhao, whose ruler Youmiu jailed. Meanwhile stepbrother Jia sets the battle still continues until 222 BC.
  • 228 BC: Prusias I solves Ziaelas from as king of Bithynia.


  • Ziaelas, King of Bithynia