(2309) Mr. Spock

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( 2309 ) Mr. Spock is an asteroid of the main asteroid belt, which was discovered on August 16, 1971 by James B. Gibson.


Spock moves at a distance of 2.7523 ( Perihelion ) to 3.2782 ( aphelion ) astronomical units in about 5.24 years of the sun. The orbit is inclined 10,975 ° to the ecliptic, the orbital eccentricity is 0.0872.

Mr. Spock has a diameter of about 21 kilometers and its albedo is estimated to be 0.1177.


The asteroid was named after the discoverer of the cat, which in turn was named after the Star Trek character Mr. Spock. The designation meant that the International Astronomical Union, which authorized the naming of celestial bodies, a clause in their rules for the naming of asteroids recorded that pet names are no longer desired.