240 BC

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Year of the Metal Rooster辛酉( at the beginning of the year Metal Monkey庚申)

Syria: 72/73 ( the year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Western Mediterranean

  • The rebel forces of Carthage mercenaries conquer Utica and Tunes and defeat the commander Hanno. Then appoint the Carthaginians Hamilcar Barca to their commander, the BC suggests the mercenaries in the year 240 or 239 at the Battle of Bagradas. Hamilcar also wins the support of the Numidian ruler Naravas, by means of which he succeeds another victory against the insurgents.
  • The Roman Lex Hieronica sets the taxation of the newly acquired province of Sicilia.

Eastern Mediterranean

  • The Aetolian federal government, whose troops had penetrated to Peloponnese, make peace with the Achaean Confederation.
  • After the death of the tyrant of Argos, Aristomachos, Aristippus is its successor. Aratus of Sicyon attacks the city with troops of the Achaean League, but is unsuccessful.


Science and Technology

  • Eratosthenes of Cyrene is on the system of longitude and latitude for the geography. The circumference of the earth he calculated from the different positions of the sun at Alexandria and Syene to 252,000 stadia, which comes quite close to the actual value.
  • First documented observation of Halley 's Comet ( in China).


  • In Rome, be by the state for the first time ever a Greek tragedy and comedy performed in a Latin translation: sudden advent of Roman literature ( pre-classical period) and the Roman theater system; Livius Andronicus written in the same year with his Achilles the first drama in Latin.



  • 240 BC: Diogenes of Babylon, Greek philosopher ( † before 150 BC)
  • After 240 BC: Ptolemy IV, King of Egypt ( † 204 BC)


  • Poseidippos, Hellenistic epigrams (c. 310 BC)
  • 240 BC: Callimachus, Hellenistic poet (c. 305 BC)
  • 240 BC: Arcesilaus, Greek philosopher (c. 315 BC)