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Heads of State

Year of The Water Horse壬午( at the beginning of the year metal snake辛巳)

Syria: 573/574 ( year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

  • Reich crisis of the 3rd century in the Roman Empire: The Roman Army under Septimius Orient Odaenathus manages to recapture the province of Mesopotamia from the Sassanid Empire. Supposedly he penetrates even to the Persian capital of Seleucia - Ctesiphon, without being able to conquer this.
  • The renegade province Egypt reconquered by the Roman general Aurelius Theodotus. The Gegenkaiser Mussius Aemilianus and the rebel Memor be killed by him. Alexandria suffered severe damage during the fighting.

Culture and Religion

  • Emperor Gallienus in Rome celebrates its tenth year since the accession to the throne with a spectacular procession of senators, equites, gladiators, soldiers, representatives of foreign nations and other groups. There are games, feasts and entertainment.
  • The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, who is considered one of the seven wonders of the world is destroyed by a raid of the Goths. It 's the third of the important buildings, the irretrievably lost. The remains of the building used by the inhabitants of the city as a building material. The cities of Magnesia on the Meander and Miletus are devastated by the Goths and can never fully recover.
  • The kidnapped by the Persians, and probably now deceased Emperor Valerian is taken by a decision of the Roman Senate in the pantheon.


  • Sima Jian, Chinese Prince († 291)


  • Mussius Aemilianus, Roman Gegenkaiser
  • Xi Kang, Chinese poet, philosopher and musician (* 223)
  • By 262: Memor, Roman- Moorish rebel
  • By 262: Valerian, Roman emperor (c. 200)