27 Down

  • Raakhee: Shalini
  • M. K. Raina Sanjay
  • Rekha Sabnis: Sanjay's wife
  • Om Shivpuri: Sanjay's father
  • Madhavi Manjula:
  • Nilesh Vellani Sanjay as a child
  • Sadhu Meher: Bhavu
  • Chaman Puri:
  • Kanta Shiveshwarkar:
  • Jayant Patel:
  • Sudhir Dalvi:
  • Ravi Berry:
  • Vivek Ghotge:
  • Nagar:
  • Shrikant Malushte:
  • Banarsi Das:
  • Ganpatrao Chonkar:
  • Mangesh Wagle:
  • Rochak Pandit:

27 Down ( Hindi: सत्ताइस डाउन sattāis down ) is an Indian film directed by Awtar Krishna Kaul from the year 1974 is based on the Hindi novel " Athara Sooraj Ke Paudhe " by Ramesh Bakshi. .


Sanjay continues as railway staff by train across the country, and reflects on his life.

He comes from Bhusawal in northern Maharashtra. In his childhood, he is enthusiastic about the railway - he plays on tracks and in old railroad cars. His father is an engineer, but can no longer practice his profession after a serious accident. However, Sanjay developed artistic ambitions and goes to Bombay on the prestigious JJ School of Art School of Art, where he ignored the advice that writes him his now widowed father. But shortly before his graduation Sanjay can not help but finally to go to work and to work with the Indian railways as a train conductor to the insistence of his father.

Sanjay goes out of convenience outside of his service on the trains around, where he enjoys free meals, instead of going down into the railway accommodation. He learns the commuter Shalini know who works at the State Life Insurance Corporation of India and with their income her grandfather and her younger siblings as he powered his father. Both often go together and have a romantic relationship, but in a joint visit with her ​​family, she denied the relationship with Sanjay and presents him as a colleague.

When Sanjay's father learns from the railway colleagues Bhavu of the relationship of his son, he lets Sanjay under the pretext of being ill come to his Bhusawal. He has already arranged Sanjay's marriage with a peasant girl from the village Ramwadi. Four buffalo is available as a dowry, but that can not mask the intellectual differences between the two. Spurred by Bhavu is always jealous of the former mistress until the marriage fails Sanjay's wife.

When he meets Shalini in Bombay, he has to realize that they can not build on the common time. Sanjay flees from reality in the train to Varanasi and wanders through the city until he ends up with a prostitute in the evening. He returns to Ramwadi, but his wife and the circumstances have not changed. Sanjay is disgusted with his stupid wife and visited again Shalini, who he proposes again to start over. She agrees to meet him the next day in the evening at five on the platform, but does not appear at the meeting point.


27 Down is the only film of the promising young director Awtar Krishna Kaul. He was financially supported by the Film Finance Corporation and completed just before Kaul - probably in an attempt to save someone from drowning - died. The film is in a flashback told from the departing from Bombay " 27 Down Varanasi Express", who gave his name to the film. With numerous jump cuts, the narrative is driven forward. The story and dialogues wrote Ramesh Bakshi. Production Designer was Bansi Chandragupta.

The train song " Chuk Chuk Chuk Chuk " wrote and sings Ravi Kichlu, the words come from Nand Kishore Mittal. More Thumri and Dadra interpreted Anjali Chaudhuri.

The film passed the censor on 31 December 1973.


The director was in 1974 awarded at the International Film Festival of Locarno with the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury. Apurba Kishore Bir The cameraman was awarded the prize for Best Cinematography at the National Film Awards 1973, Kaul was honored as a director and producer posthumously with the National Film Award for Best Hindi film.


The Zugmotiv dominates the high-contrast images of the film and creates a classic recording supervision of an empty platform that fills within seconds with thousands of commuters.