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Heads of State

Year of the Wood horse甲午( at the beginning of the year, water - snake癸巳)

Syria: 585/586 ( year in October )


Politics and World Affairs

Roman Empire

  • February / March: Emperor Aurelian, who defended his rule over the Roman Empire against the Germanic tribes and the various usurpers, to the Empire turns Galliarum under Tetricus I to that has detached itself during the crisis of Rome 260. In a battle of the Gallic troops Catalauni be defeated.
  • The Germans take advantage of the weakness of the Romans in the west of their empire and cross the Rhine. Among other things, the Legio I Minervia is attacked in their camp Bonna. Until 20 years later, the Rhine frontier to be restored. From now on, settle francs on the territory of the present Netherlands, Belgium and the Rhineland. The governor of the province Belgica, Faustinus, rises against Tetricus I could do more to intervene.
  • Given the catastrophic military situation Tetricus I. switches sides and joins to Aurelian. He had promised to spare the lives of his opponent and his son Tetricus II. Aurelian, the uprising Faustinus ' quell succeed. After that, the western provinces are again under the control of Rome.
  • Emperor Aurelian celebrated in a triumphal procession in Rome the successes of his rule: He has successfully defended the frontiers against the Germans and recaptured the separatist provinces in the east and west. The rulers of the two kingdoms Tetricus I. Zenobia of Palmyra, and are shown to the crowd, her life will not be disturbed. Since the crisis 14 years ago, when the Roman Empire threatened to break definitively, the emperor in Rome for the first time back in control of the entire territory.
  • The Legion warehouse Rigomagus ( Remagen ) is a fortification in order to better defend the province against the advancing Germans can.

Imperial China

  • The Three Kingdoms Period: Empress Yang Yan dies in Luoyang. Previously, she has Emperor Jin Wudi taken the promise to marry her cousin Yang Zhi after her death. She had a fear another empress would want to make her mentally retarded son Jin Huidi the title of Crown Prince contest.


  • After his return to Rome Emperor Aurelian performs a monetary reform. The ace and the sestertius are completely devalued by inflation. The most common traffic coin is the 214 introduced Doppeldenar (now known as Antoninianus ). Aurelian refined minting of this coin and increased their silver content. The new coin is also known as Aurelian. The embossing of smaller coin denominations is being phased out.


  • December 25: Emperor Aurelian dedicates a temple to Sol in Rome. Three days after the solstice, the Romans celebrated the feast of the " Unconquered Sun God ". The sun cult and the like Mithraism are widespread in the Roman Empire.
  • DECEMBER 30: Felix I., Bishop of Rome, dies. He is - perhaps unjustified - performed as a martyr. Felix I. is buried in St. Callistus catacombs. His successor will be determined in January 275.


  • DECEMBER 30: Felix I., Bishop of Rome
  • Cao Fang, former Chinese emperor (* 231)
  • Lu Kang, Chinese general (* 226)