2K Czech

2K Czech is a Czech computer game development company based in Brno and a further office in Prague. The company was founded in 1997 as Illusion Softworks Petr Vochozka and the venture capitalists Cash Reform Group. Among the most successful titles of the company include Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven and Hidden & Dangerous.

In February 2002, Illusion Softworks founded together with Martin Zima in the Czech Republic, the development company Zima Soft. She is currently developing 2 Interactive and D3 Publisher for the American publisher Take. The company is managed by CEO and founder Petr Vochozka.

On 8 January 2008, the acquisition of the studio was given by the well-known publisher Take 2 Interactive and it was renamed 2K Czech.

January 2014 was eurogamer.net confirmed the rumors to the closure of the subsidiary 2K Games over the Internet platform. The publisher would like to improve with this step, the cooperation of individual studios, by the employees of 2K Czech are added to the studios in Brno and California.


  • 2011: Top Spin 4
  • Unknown Publisher - Enemy in Sight: in development
  • In development: still nameless project - for D3 Publisher of America

The last two standing games in development are likely, through the acquisition of publisher Take 2 Interactive, will be published at 2K Games and Take 2 Interactive.