2K Games

2K Games is a company founded in Manhattan / New York in January 2005 distribution label of computer games publisher Take 2 Interactive. The seat has been to Novato, California, and in 2007.

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2K Games includes a total of three divisions: 2K, 2K Sports and 2K Play. Under these names, full-price games of all stripes (eg, Shooter, Strategy ), as well as sports games are respectively Casual Games & edutainment sold.

2K Games itself can be regarded as successors of Gathering of Developers, since the first Games, 2K Games ' previously should appear at Gathering, including, for example, Close Combat: First to Fight and Stronghold 2

2K Sports went forward with the acquisition of Visual Concepts and Kush Games, virtually from ESPN Videogames. The division 2K Play was only founded in September 2007, emerged from Global Star Software, which was 2 Interactives previously been active as Casual-Games-/Low-Price-Label take.

Internal development studios

  • 2K China (center founded in 2006 in Shanghai and Hangzhou)
  • 2K Czech (formerly Illusion Softworks, acquired in January 2008 )
  • 2K Marin (founded in December 2007, includes the developers of 2K Australia and 2K Boston formerly, who due to differences with the director, Ken Levine, cleaved ); 2010 renaming and inclusion of 2k Australia ( previously Irrational Games ) in 2k Marin.
  • Firaxis Games (acquired in November 2005)
  • Irrational Games (acquired in January 2006 with two development studios in Boston and Canberra ( Australia) and in 2007 splitting into 2k Boston and 2K Australia, 2010 Re Appointment of 2k Boston in Irrational Games )
  • Take-Two Licensing (formerly TDK Mediactive, before the establishment of 2K Games part of Take 2 Interactive)
  • Kush Games
  • Power and Magic Development
  • Venom Games
  • Visual Concepts
  • Cat Daddy Games

Closed Development Studios

  • Frog City Software ( before the establishment of 2K Games part of Take 2 Interactive, probably combined with Firaxis )
  • Indie Built ( sold in December 2004 from Microsoft Take 2; closed end of April 2006 )
  • PopTop Software ( before the establishment of 2K Games part of Take 2 Interactive; early 2007 combined with Firaxis )

Most employees have been offered in other Take- 2- studio locations. The merger of Frog City Software and Firaxis Games was never officially confirmed, but it is generally believed. On one hand, by the setting of the project Snow, on the other hand by the close connection Frog Citys to PopTop Software and the fact that the official website of the studio ( www.frogcity.com ) is no longer available.


2K Games title

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2K Sports titles

2K Play Title

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  • ↑ rights for Xbox version are owned by Microsoft Game Studios
  • ↑ ↑ Acquired Rights for Windows version later; previously published by Atari
  • ↑ ↑ rights for the PlayStation 3 version will be Ubisoft
  • ↑ rights for Windows version are at Atari for Xbox version at Microsoft Game Studios