• Maho Nonami: Lana
  • Eiko Koike: Nozomi

2LDK ( Japanese for " two rooms, kitchen, bathroom " ) is a Japanese film directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi Director from the year 2003.

The film was made in the so-called Duel Project. A bet between the two directors Yukihiko Tsutsumi and Ryuhei Kitamura, who directed the film Aragami in this project. In this bet, it was about to stage a movie with only two actors on a bitter agony at a defined venue in a week.


The two actresses Nozomi (希 美) and Lana (ラナ, Rana ) share an apartment in Tokyo. Both women have applied for the lead role in a Yakuzafilm. While waiting for the call from her agency, the tension between the two women increase more and more until they finally lash out and fight each other to the death.


"In addition, Aragami ' the second film of the Japanese, Duell' project, which must be content with a limited budget, staff and venue. Both at the level of figure drawing as well as in the choice of staging means a throwback to exploitation films and comics that are played out largely enjoyable. "