2nd U-boat Flotilla

The second Unterseebootsflottille just 2 U- Flotilla, was a military unit of the former German Navy in World War II.

  • 3.1 Used to 1941
  • 3.2 Used from 1941


In Kiel and Wilhelmshaven

The flotilla, also known as U- Bootsflottille " Saltzwedel " known, was formed on 1 September 1936 in Kiel under the command of Commander Werner Scheer and was by Oberleutnant zur See Reinhold Saltzwedel, a U- boat commanders of World War I, named. The flotilla was moved after a few weeks to Wilhelmshaven. In the autumn of 1940 began with the laying of the flotilla to Lorient.

In Lorient

As early as June 1940, long before the beginning of the armistice negotiations, had Karl Doenitz, commander of submarines ( BdU ) let the French Atlantic ports to inspect their utility as U- boat bases out. Relatively minor damage and a location outside of accessibility for British aircraft were the reason that the staff of the BdU to einrichtete in Lorient. On 15 August, the Navy inaugurated here its first shipyard in occupied France, a: the " submarine repair yard Lorient ", a branch of the Navy Shipyard Wilhelmshaven. In June the 2nd U- Flotilla moved permanently to Lorient. From then on, until the dissolution of the flotilla in August 1944, when the base had to be abandoned in Lorient, she stayed stationed there. The remaining boats were then moved to Norway.


  • September 1936-July 1937 --- Commander Werner Scheer
  • October 1937 to September 1939 --- Lieutenant Commander Hans Ibbeken
  • January 1940 to May 1940 --- Lieutenant Commander Werner Hartmann
  • May 1940-July 1941 --- Commander Heinz Fischer
  • August 1941-January 1943 --- Lieutenant Commander Victor Sagittarius
  • January 1943 to October 1944 --- Commander Ernst Kals

Used U-boat types

Used until 1941

  • I
  • VII A
  • VII C
  • IX
  • IX C
  • IX C40
  • X B

Used from 1941

  • IX
  • IX B
  • IX C