3 Engel für Ali

  • Bülent "B - Low" Ali Çelebi as
  • Tobias " Tobby Digg " Iliev - Granow as Rene
  • Murat Arslan as an angel
  • Ayhan " Big A " Isik as an angel
  • Süleyman " Sly Da Man " Kaplan as an angel

3 Ali 's Angels is a German -Turkish short film from the year 2003. He was directed by Roman Schaible, who also wrote the screenplay. The main characters are the members of the hip-hop project Digger Dance can be seen, which also contributed the music for the film.


The caper comedy tells the story of the Hamburg Street Dealers Ali. With questions Polaroid photos he dangles his parents living in Turkey before a successful career. When his parents surprise announce their visit to Germany, Ali remains a day time to find a way out of this dilemma. Three Turkish Schneider assist him in finding a solution.


Schaible comes from the environment of the Hamburg hip-hop labels Eimsbush. Initially he worked as an electrician at various film and television productions and later collected with music videos first directorial experience in 2003, the 33 -minute short film created 3 Angels Ali. Produced the strip in German and in Turkish language with German subtitles and in color. In 2003 he ran in the Hof International Film Festival program.


  • Hof Film Days 2003