30 Seconds to Mars (Album)

30 Seconds to Mars is the first studio album of the same name American rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. The album was released on 13 August 2002.


After its release in August 2002, 30 Seconds to Mars came to the Charts: U.S. Billboard 200 space 107, U.S. Top Heatseekers Platz 1, France Place 142; Australia ranked 89th ( album chart ) and Australia # 12 ( Rock Charts ).

The album was rated differently. At Metacritic, the album got a rating of 49% and thus the predicate "mixed or average reviews " (Eng. mixed or average reviews). Robert Zefic rated the album on Laut.de 3 out of 5 stars and wrote that the album a good alternative to the usual rock was, further, he compares the band with the likes of Pink Floyd, Tool, and Brian Eno. Rolling Stone, however, assigns only 2 out of 5 stars and said that the album listen total unfinished. Plattentests.de awarded 5 out of 10. Critic Laura funeral writes to the album, the album is very ambitious indeed, listen to the songs but pretty much the same and one could hear no real profundity.

Of the buyers, the album was mostly positive review. The average rating of the user of Metacritic is 88 %, the user of plate tests assess the album with 8 out of 10. Only the user of Laut.de are 3 out of 5 stars under the Review of the critic.

Two singles were released: Capricorn (A Brand New Name ) (U.S. Mainstream Rock Tracks No. 31 ) and Edge of the Earth.

Title list

All songs have been written by Jared Leto.

Track 12 Japan bonus track and 13 14 multimedia.


  • Jared Leto: guitar and vocals except on The Struggle; Bass except on Echelon and The Struggle; Synthesizer except on Welcome to the Universe
  • Shannon Leto: drums; Guitar and vocals on The Struggle
  • Solon Bixler: Guitar on Oblivion, Edge of the Earth, End of the Beginning, 93 Million Miles and Year Zero; Bass on Echelon; Synthesizer to 93 Million Miles

Additional musicians

  • Dr. nner Tesy: Synthesizer on Capricorn
  • Brian Virtue: Synthesizer on Echelon
  • Exeter: bass and guitar on Welcome to the Universe
  • Bob Ezrin: piano on The Mission