35007 (pronounced Loose; in the notation of an inverted pocket calculator ) is a Dutch space rock band that has a contract with Hamburg independent label Stickman Records.


The band was formed in the late 1980s in Eindhoven. It consisted initially of the members Eeuwout Baart (vocals ), Mark Sponselee (guitar and synthesizer), Bertus Fridael (guitar ) and Jacco van Rooy (drums). The debut album Especially for You was released on the small label Lazy Eye, which now no longer exists. Although the edition was 500 copies, but was reduced by a production error 100.

In 1997 and Jacco van Rooy Eeouwout Baart left the band. In the same year the band also the tour bus was stolen along with the equipment, so they had to keep up with loans from other musicians afloat. Sander Evers replaced Jacco Van Roy, while the band without a singer remained - the albums " Sea of ​​Tranquility ", " Liquid" and " Phase V " are therefore purely instrumental albums.

On December 30, 2012 Mark Sponselee died of pneumonia.


The performances of the bands are supported by visual effects, which includes the showing of psychedelic effects video clips on the stage. The website of the band, which uses a modification of NASA logos, is constructed as an interstellar travel agent.