3D stands for:

  • 3D ( correct spelling: 3 -D), three-dimensional
  • 3D/Biela, a periodic comet, see Biela ( comet )
  • Mickey 3D, French rock band
  • Real 3D, former American 3D technology company
  • Real Soft 3D, a 3D modeling software from the manufacturer of the same name
  • Team 3D, American Wrestling Team, see Dudley Boyz
  • Team 3D (clan ), retired American professional e-sports communities

Technology related to visual three-dimensionality:

  • 3D camera
  • Stereo camera
  • 3D photography, see stereoscopy
  • 3D scanner, see Laser Scanning # 3D laser scanning
  • Stereo display, overview articles on various 3D rendering techniques
  • 3D film, generally a three-dimensionally projected film
  • 3D LCD display, see autostereoscopy # autostereoscopic 3D display
  • 3D TV, see TV # Digital 3D television
  • 3dtv, three-dimensional television
  • Space image projection
  • 3D projector
  • 3D Glasses
  • Anaglyph, stereoscopy by red - cyane shades, see anaglyph 3D
  • Color Code 3D ​​, stereoscopy by yellow and blue shades
  • Lenticular image autostereoscopy applied by the printed image prism elements
  • Volume display
  • 3D computer graphics and 3D calculation, see image synthesis
  • 3D accelerators, an extension of the graphics card of a personal computer
  • Graphics memory # 3D accelerator
  • 3D graphics software
  • Mesa 3D, a free graphics library
  • 3D mouse
  • 3D radar
  • TRS-3D, a coherent multimode acquisition radar


  • 3D ( film ), American Short Film ( 2000)
  • Cyber ​​3D Heidi, German Short Film ( 2002)
  • Mission 3D, American Action Movie (2003)

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