3ivx (pronounced " Thriv -ex " ) is an MPEG -4 video codec 3ivx Technologies for the production of MPEG -4- compatible files. The codec was initially available for free, but since version 5 it is sold commercially.


3IVX has been primarily designed for use in embedded systems with low processing power. 3ivx provides plugins and filters for Microsoft *. Asf, and *. Avi, as well as Apple QuickTime is available. Also it allows the generation of *. Mp4 files and provides an audio codec for production of AAC files.

Official En - and Decoder are provided for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and BeOS available, older versions are also available for Amiga and Linux. Furthermore, 3ivx FFmpeg decode.

Another feature of 3ivx is its support for streaming media, which is not possible by the avi file format. This is 3ivx appropriate for recycling videos for the internet.


When installing the 3ivx encoder is a package installed, which allows easy to convert files into the 3ivx standard.

3ivx, in contrast to other MPEG-4 encoders produce similar real MPEG -4 video, which the official MPEG- 4 corresponds to specifications and then one does not need a separate plug-in to play. The resulting file can be played by each to the MPEG -4 standard compatible player, it is necessary, no special decoder.