3JS is a Dutch pop group. The band was founded in 2002 consists of the members Jan Dulles, Jaap Kwakmann and Jaap de Witte. With her published in 2007 in the style of Palingsound debut album Water canteens, the group had their artistic breakthrough in the Netherlands. In 2011 she represented her native country at the 56th Euro Vision Song Contest in Dusseldorf.

Band History

The singer January Dulles (actually January Keuken ) and the guitarist Jaap Kwakman and Jaap de Witte (actually Jaap signs ) are all from Volendam, a center of the Dutch music industry. After the musicians had each already collected musical experiences in various bands, they first emerged in 2002 under the band name 3JS. The band name comes from the initials of their first names identical. Her first studio album the band released in 2007 under the title Water canteens. The album reached number six of the Dutch top 100 album charts. In the summer of the group met for eight weeks in the docu-soap 3JS komen eraan the local TV station RTV Noord- Holland and had in September in the show by Jan Smit made ​​a guest appearance, which made them known to a wider audience. Their debut album was recorded in early 2008 by the Stichting Nederlandse Muziek and also received the award Zilveren Harp.

More albums of the band are Kamers van m'n hard in 2008 and Dromers s dwazen of 2010, which reached Gold status in the Netherlands as well as water canteens. Dwazen For the album Dromers en she also received the Edison Publieksprijs. In July 2010, the Dutch TV station TROS announced to send the band 3JS as national participants to Euro Vision Song Contest 2011 in Germany. In a national preliminary decision on 30 January 2011, the group presented five of their songs in front of the spectators who nooit avenues determined therefrom the winning title The vecht by televoting together with a jury ( 50% each).

On 12 May 2011 the formation interpreted the title in English ( Never Alone ) in the second ESC semi-final in Dusseldorf, but could not qualify for the final round. As it became known after the final, they finished in last place in the semifinals.

In 2012, her next studio album released 3JS 4 elements. Like its predecessor, it reached # 3 on the album charts. Het best van 3JS, in which the title had been selected by the fans of the band - After the compilation album Totzoverder appeared. It was released in April 2013. Simultaneously it was announced that Jaap de Witte could no longer play in the band. His son Jan de Witte took its place as the guitarist of the band. With him the fifth studio album poet bij de horizon was recorded, which was released in the same year and continued the series of number - three albums.




More Singles

  • Kom ( 2007)
  • Alsof net (2007)
  • Één met de bomen (2007)
  • Één met de bomen / De zomer vorbij (2007)
  • Water canteens (2008)
  • Cradle Song ( 2008)
  • Hou van mij (2009)
  • Kamers van m'n hard ( 2009)
  • Bevlogen as a bird (2009)
  • Overnieuw Vandaag ben ik vrij / All (2009)
  • Loop met me over zee (2010)
  • Geloven in het leven (2010)
  • De stroom (2011)
  • Toen ik jou vergat (2011)
  • De Away ( 2012)
  • Bij hoog en laag (2012 )
  • Voor eens en altijd (2012 )
  • Geef mij een naam ( 3JS & Elske DeWall, 2012)
  • Bijzonder (2013 )
  • Zo mooi as jij (2013 )
  • Til me op ( 2013)
  • Man in de mirror (Bart Herman & 3JS, 2014)