3OH! 3 is an American electro band from Boulder (Colorado), which has many influences from the underground hip -hop. Your name, which is pronounced three- o -three, refers to the calling code 303 of central Colorado.


The members of 3OH! 3 are Sean Foreman, Nathaniel Motte and DJ Hardesty Foreman. The latter,! 3 still belonged to the band Eight Hour Orphans before the founding of 3OH, came up with the idea to put together some mixes with clay. Them succeed helped the good connections to other local variables such as Grace Gale, Signal to Noise and The Blackout Pact, as well as an appearance as the opening act for Katy Perry.

Her biggest success so far is the song Do not Trust Me, which made the band internationally known and for which they received due to the multi-platinum sales ( in Canada, the United States and Australia). Even for the single Starstrukk for which they were able to win Katy Perry, the band received in the United States and Australia platinum.


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