4 Ursae Majoris

4 Ursae Majoris, also known as Ursae Majoris π2 ( Ursae Majoris Pi2 ), is about 250 light years from Earth distant giant star in the constellation Ursa Major. It has an apparent magnitude of 4.6 mag. In 2007 Doellinger discovered an extrasolar planet orbiting this star. This is called Ursae Majoris b 4.

Exoplanet (4 Ursae Majoris b )

4 Ursae Majoris b is the candidate exoplanets orbiting the giant star every 269.3 days. The planet orbits Ursae Majoris 4 at a distance of approximately 0.87 astronomical units and has a mass of at least 7.1 Jupiter masses. The discovery of potential exoplanets using the radial velocity method was established in 2007 by Doellinger et al. published.