401 BC

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Year of the metal dragon庚辰(at the beginning of earth - hare己卯)


Politics and World Affairs

Persian Empire

Due to the poor performance Artaxerxes II in the fight against the freedom aspirations of Egypt, but especially because of their own ambitions, wants to take over the government of the Achaemenid empire, his younger brother Cyrus the Younger. With the support of Sparta, whose partisans he has been in the Peloponnesian War, he wins a splendid army of Greek mercenaries. The decisive battle of Cunaxa is hit in the fall just above Babylon on the Euphrates between the armies of the two brothers.

Although Cyrus wins, but falls in battle, which can void the task of his mercenary army. Under the leadership of the Athenian Xenophon and the Spartan Cheirisophos the so-called train of the Ten Thousand through the whole Persian empire strikes and reaches the following year occupied with the Greek cities of southern coast of the Black Sea.


Marcus Furius Camillus is the first time Roman Konsulartribun and fights in this position against the Etruscan cities Veio Tarquinia and their allies in Faliscans Falerii that the expansionist ambitions of Rome resist.


The drama Oedipus at Colonus by Sophocles is listed posthumously for the first time. It is available as part of the " Theban trilogy" of content between the plays Oedipus the King and Antigone is, however, only listed as the last of the three parts.


  • (or 402 BC): Phocion, Athenian military leader and politician


  • Clearchus, a Spartan fleet leader
  • Cyrus the Younger, Persian Prince
  • Proxenos of Thebes, Greek military leader
  • Year ( 5th century BC)
  • 401 BC