41 Sekunden

  • Alexander Kaffl: First Friend
  • Amir Arul: Second friend

41 seconds is a German short film from 2006.


The film tells of a young man who was on the phone with his best friend. He says that his girlfriend thinks the best friend can kiss better than him. They have a row. Then kiss the two men and enjoy it.


The short film had a successful run on the Enchanted Film Festival 2006 in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne. In Austria, he was at the film festival Vienna Independent Shorts 2007 to see. Meanwhile, the film is representative of Germany at international film festivals in Seattle, Toronto, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New Zealand, Bradford, New York City, Zurich and Miami.

The lead actor Alexander Kaffl and Amir Arul are known mainly from the ProSieben series The graduating class.